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Give me Spring Break, or give me death!

Beau Brown

The winds around campus have been picking up as the students let out sighs of relief in honor of the upcoming Spring Break next week.

Ah, Spring Break: A long-held tradition of universities across the nation, involving the mass emigration of students towards beacons of warm weather and stress relief in the form of binge drinking and waking up the next morning not knowing what transpired the night before.

Such promising Spring Break destinations include Florida (Daytona Beach and Cape Coral are current celebrities), California (Palm Springs, baby), Cancun (for those feeling adventurous), or basically any place that doesn’t exhibit the bipolar weather experienced in Ohio. In other words, the break acts as a tease for those awaiting summer.

The weeklong recess from our studies is due to the Easter/Passover holiday, which is what Spring Break usually occurs around.

No matter what, most students will agree that it is a much needed and longed-for week. Even if no plans to physically escape the area are made, many students prefer to have the time off to recuperate, relax and catch up on studying or sleeping.

“I think Spring Break is an important week for students,” said freshman Tim Ellison. “It provides a nice opportunity to do whatever you want and to just take a break for an entire week.”

“The weather is getting nicer,” said freshman Ian Hughes. “People want to take advantage of that
and go out to relieve the stress that school has put on them.”

Not everyone sees Spring Break through rose-colored glasses, however.

“Spring Break is a week of skipping classes in order for you to catch up on classes,” said junior Felica Ross.

Others come up with creative, yet slightly pessimistic views of Spring Break.

“It’s for people who want to just lay around and eat until they feel sorry for themselves,” said junior Jared Borders. “We don’t have a week-long break in the fall because everyone would be obese.”

Whether you’re looking at next week with a grin or a grimace, don’t let the opportunity that this week gives you slip through your fingers.

If you need to get away from it all and reawaken the crazy, fun side of your brain, then go out and have some fun next week. Party hard with your friends, but try not to give the cops a reason to hate you. God knows they
just love the hardcore Spring Breakers.

If you need a rest, take the advantage that next week gives you and get some rest and relaxation. Sleep, get a mani-pedi, eat ice cream like you couldn’t care less and refill your energy tanks so you can face the rest of the school year with your head held high.

If you’re falling behind and need to catch up on your studies, for heaven’s sake, stop procrastinating and get some work done. Yeah, it’s hard,but you won’t regret it if you buckle down and hit the textbooks.

Schedule your time so that you can study, relax and have fun in the same week. That way, your head won’t explode and you can go back to school feeling ready to take on the next challenge.

Spring Break’s a gift – go out and live it up.

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