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Bon Appétit, étudiants! Rob’s Cafe

Bianca Tan

From good old American comfort food to healthy wraps and vegetable dishes, one can find almost anything at Rob’s. From french fries to spicy food that reminds you of Indian cuisine, one can find selections at Rob’s to satisfy any craving. 

“The variety at Rob’s is a lot better this semester,” said UA student Melissa Bentler. 

Another student, Samantha Fritz, agrees. 

“There is something for everyone,” said Fritz. “There are also many healthy options. The salad bar is always good, too.”

Fritz’s favorite option at Rob’s is the stir-fry. 

“You can ask to have it made without oil which makes it an even healthier option,” said Fritz.

Whenever you go to Rob’s, be careful you don’t fall into the temptation to overeat because you want to get your money’s worth. Students eating at Rob’s had differing opinions on the value of their meal plan. 

Sitting on one end of the spectrum, UA student Corey Schurko believes that his gold plan is spent wisely at Rob’s. He rated Rob’s as four out of five stars and said that it met his expectations. He likes how Rob’s is serving a slightly different variety this semester and he especially likes the Ramen Noodle Station. 

Bentler has the 15-swipe meal plan. She is happy with Rob’s as well, mentioning that the stir-fry is her go-to. Her favorite days are when they serve smoothies. 

Student Todd Merry has the 10-swipe meal plan and feels when he does the mathematical breakdown, it comes out to be a bit overpriced. Nonetheless, he tries to get his money’s worth. The stir-fry appears to be a crowd favorite. 

“I like the stir-fry because it’s cool to see them cook it in front of you,” said Merry.

For special dietary concerns and restrictions, the food selection will naturally be less, but there is still a solid number of options. For instance, there are more vegetarian options that just the salad bar: vegetarian entrees are located at the counter to the right of the dish return.

To spice up their menu, Rob’s keeps it interesting with its daily specials. Last Wednesday night, there was a ramen noodle station. At first, I was not very impressed because I can make ramen in the microwave anytime, but after I had some of their ramen, I was converted.

Honestly, it was the perfect steamy temperature, and you can add certain things such as pork, mushroom, or scallions to make the broth even more savory. You may not believe me now, but once you try it for yourself, you’ll see what I’m talking about. 

Rob’s daily specials can be found by going onto the University of Akron’s website, onto the dining services page, clicking on menus, and clicking on Rob’s daily specials.

Along with the ramen noodles, I had breaded veal milanese, jasmine rice pilaf, meatballs, and a southwestern roll. I was pleasantly surprised with how tender the veal was, and I really liked the southwestern roll. Sometimes, rolls can taste bland to me, but this one had a slightly spicy kick to it. 

I wouldn’t recommend the vegetable side with the crabmeat because the texture of the seafood was off. Overall, the quality of the food served is great. It’s certainly a major improvement from the school lunches served from 1st-12th grade.

Lastly, I have nothing but nice things to say about the service at Rob’s.

Student Felica Ross was working the register when I came in to eat dinner; she was very cheerful and fun. 

“I’m really glad to work here because I get to meet people who become regulars that I wouldn’t have had a chance to meet before,” said Ross.

When asked what she thought the best part of Rob’s was, she replied, “The unlimited fountain drinks and that there’s always ice cream.”

I also agree. The idea of an endless supply of chocolate milk has me sold, but you can also mix the drinks. 

During Halloween, Rob’s serves a custom mix drink made from guava juice and blue PowerAde. It becomes a toxic green color that looks like it should be boiling in a round-bottom flask in an organic chemistry lab, not getting served in a dining hall. Fair warning: You probably shouldn’t drink it with your meal every day. 

“It tastes like diabetes,” said Ross.

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