Comedian George Wallace returns to Akron

By: Heather Beyer

When first notified with the news that I was to interview Akron University Alumni and Comedian George Wallace, I was extremely nervous. I had never interviewed a celebrity before and was unsure what to expect. Anxiously, I dialed the number to Wallace’s agent. She gave me his personal number and told me that he would be expecting my call.

After taking several deep breaths and with some words of wisdom from my editor in chief, I called Wallace. I was pleasantly surprised with his candor and his friendly demeanor.

Nationally recognized comedian George Wallace returned to his alma mater, The University of Akron, for a show last weekend.

Wallace, originally from Atlanta, Ga., moved to Ohio at the age of 16 after his mother died. Later, he enrolled at the University of Akron.

“The University of Akron is a great school,” Wallace said.

Wallace was very active on campus during his academic career. He was known as “The Governor” on campus and worked at Firestone Rubber Company through college. One of his favorite memories was “when students united together during the Kent State riots.”

Wallace launched his comedy career at the University. He returned to his alma mater Saturday for the Homecoming festivities.

“Akron has been great to me. It is going to be an honor to come back,” Wallace said.

After graduating with a degree in Marketing and Advertising, Wallace was New York bound to pursue his comedic dreams. He had wanted to be a comedian since he was six years old.

Wallace stayed in New York for many years and worked on his comedy and for an advertising agency. Along the way, he befriended comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

“We have been friends for over 35 years,” Wallace said.

Wallace is the winner of the Best Standup Comedian for the American Comedy Awards. Has made appearances on Seinfield, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Scrubs and The Tonight show. He now has a headlining show in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Flamingo Resort and Casino.

“Life has been great to me,” Wallace said.