Akron gem Mr. Zubs continues to impress

By: Cydney Woodyard

When I went to Mr. Zub’s for the first time, this restaurant did not just meet my expectations, but exceeded them. Located in Highland Square, the atmosphere at Mr. Zub’s is a relaxed one, even when busy. It’s a small, simple place with good music and even better food.

The menu is an interesting one with a wide range of sandwiches from the normal to the bizarre. A customer can go in and get a normal philly one day, dubbed the “Rocky Balboa” (and their most popular item) and a sandwich with tater tots in it (the “Uncle Rico”) the next. The price is reasonable and varies depending on the toppings, with the simple “Mrs. Robinson” at $2.99 and the gigantic “Aunt Margie” coming in at $9.99, with all the rest in between.

Each sandwich is named after a movie character which suits it. The vegetarian-friendly items, conveniently labeled in blue, guarantee that everyone has something to choose from at Mr. Zub’s. Besides the normal menu items, they also have specials which change about every three or four months.

Head Chef Micah Townsend has been cooking for 16 years.

“[Working at Zub’s is] like nothing I’ve ever done before,” said Townsend. “Nothing truly compares because everything I was ever taught was thrown out at Zub’s.” He also said that the busiest time is between 1:30 and 3 a.m. during the bar rush.

Townsend feels that college students would enjoy Zub’s for a variety of reasons in addition to the food. Zub’s is directly connected to The Matinee, a local bar, and has wi-fi.

I have eaten at Mr. Zub’s three times now, and every time the food was phenomenal. The first time I ordered the “Hightower,” which is a wonderful sandwich with mac and cheese and bacon. Next, I ordered the “Irwin M. Fletcher” with roast beef, bacon and Swiss cheese. The third time, I ordered the “Lisa Simpson,” which is a simple, grilled cheese sandwich.

I believe that Townsend summed up Zub’s the best. Laughing, he said “Because we’re the only one there is.” Zub’s truly is a unique eating experience hidden in a tiny little deli in Highland Square.

The hours for the restaurant are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m, and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.