Dating Doctor diagnoses students' love problems

By: Kate Powell

Despite the single-digit temperatures, The University of Akron was turning up the heat Wednesday night with David Coleman, who presented a few lessons on love and relationships at EJ Thomas.

Hosted by the Resident Housing and Programming Board, the “Dating Doctor” made his second entertainment appearance at the Stage Door. A full house took part in the “Making Relationships Matter” seminar, which opened the doorways to improving the love lives of students across campus.

Among Coleman’s many tricks and tips, he defined romance, identified three types of love, introduced the Five-Minute Find and explained the ABC’s of Initial Interest. The ABC mechanism provides a road map to evaluate the attraction, believability, chemistry and desire of another person based on first impressions.

Coleman defined romance as “performing an ordinary act of love or kindness at an unexpected time” and stressed that romance is not based on promiscuity. Coleman claimed his definition was based on old-fashioned ways and chivalrous tendencies.

Throughout the night, students were able to take part in the “Pick-Up Line Challenge.” At any time during the talk, a student would present the first half of a pick-up line and Coleman would attempt to complete it. Although the challenge was all fun and games, pick-up lines were deemed detrimental to the initiation of any relationship.

Coleman gave the gentlemen some tips on how to treat a woman right, and he informed his audience on how to treat the opposite sex with respect and dignity.

“When I saw the flier, I was skeptical about attending,” recent UA transfer student Maria Pelm said. “However, once there I thought he was funny and he hit on some key points.  I learned something new about myself and the woman’s perspective of dating.”

Coleman also included a few creative and “oh-so-romantic” ideas to celebrate the overkilled Valentine’s Day holiday, which included trails of Hershey’s Kisses, hand written cards and boxes full Dollar Store finds.

“I really liked the ideas he gave for a cheap Valentine’s Day,” said UA sophomore Christine Pasko. “I would love to open 14 one-dollar gifts.”

The evening was brought to a close with the Five-Minute Frenzy, an open forum where students asked questions regarding military relationships, male “mood swings” and denying the nice guy. Although it turned into 15-Minute Frenzy, what Coleman had to say was relevant and more importantly applicable to many love lives. The crowd responded well to all aspects of his interactive presentation.

Coleman, although not a real doctor, has been a relationship and life coach for several years. His achievements include Campus Activities Magazine’s 13-time Speaker of the Year, 2011 Entertainer of the Year and 2011 Male Performer of the Year.

“David Coleman has always been a spark of excitement and is becoming a staple on our campus,” said Department of Residence Life and Housing Leadership Peer Mentor Sean Blasko. “We bring him back year after year not only because of what a great entertainer he is, but how his message truly resonates with UA students. Due to his positive reception this past Wednesday, we are currently in the process of looking into bringing him back for the 2012-2013 year.”

Also last Wednesday, Coleman kicked of the NACA Regional Program of the Year, UA Leads, with a seminar on attitude, preparation and effort. UA Leads is a series of free events and seminars intended to encourage students to take active leadership roles on campus and to develop professional skills useful both in and out of college.

Coleman is a University of Akron Graduate School alumnus.