For the late night cookie lover

Written by: Miranda Santos

Wandering freshmen students won’t be the only new addition to the downtown Akron scene. After one month, Insomnia Cookies has introduced themselves to the Main Street block in downtown Akron with enthusiasm. Open until 3 a.m., Insomnia Cookies has established themselves with ease as the newest late night delight to the downtown Akron crowd, bringing in university students and locals from around the area. With just one visit to their online ordering website, Insomnia Cookies will deliver gooey, fresh-baked cookies and treats right to your door. And what gooey treat isn’t complete without the accompaniment of a cold glass of milk?

How does this cookie shop phenomenon keep its customers coming back for more, even late at night? Their late night sweets selection offers a wondrous array of choices. From warm brownies, to freshly baked cookie cakes, to cookie bouquets of eight different flavors of Hershey’s Gourmet ice cream, to their impressive towering cookie-wiches, all are personalized with desired toppings and candies. “We always bake our cookies continuously throughout the day,” says Insomnia Cookies Store Manager, Shannon Simonson. “We always serve them fresh and warm, never old and stale.” After late nights on the town, and other businesses have closed, Insomnia Cookies guarantees to satisfy your late night sweetness craving. “There’s not one other cookie store that’s open until 3 a.m.,” says Simonson. “But we’ll be here.”

With daytime business occupied by online orders and deliveries, students come to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere that not only provides a cookie taste, but a college one as well. Being easily accessible, students can come to relax with friends, family, or even study while enjoying a warm, fresh-baked dessert. There is no doubt from the Insomnia Cookie crew that students will be coming back for more, even late at night. Jason Miller, a student at The University of Akron, and customer of Insomnia Cookies, says, “There are plenty of food places selling cookies for a dollar, and the cookies are just as old as your dollar. For my dollar, I would rather eat a cookie that is fresh, gooey, and warm all the time.”

Having University of Akron members as their main source of staff, Insomnia Cookies serves the dedicated students with a knack for sweet cravings. Their startling growth in popularity and success has made the University of Akron their 22nd university location throughout the East Coast and Midwest. ZipCard accessible, and located in the heart of student activity, Insomnia Cookies has just taken flight in their pursuit to satisfy the late night cookie lovers of downtown Akron. “We offer a nice environment so that you don’t just have to sit in your dorm, cooped up, eating chips,” says Simonson. The enthusiastic employees are experts of campus life and the community. The Insomnia Cookies crew is deemed a family that works together to provide the best customer service possible.

Located at 367 South Main St., Insomnia Cookies is open every day from noon to 3:00 a.m. for the late night sweetness craving.