Winter Fashion

By: Starr Davis

Traditionally during the spring semester, students are usually just trying to stay warm and get to class as fast as they can to keep out of the cold weather. Clothing generally falls under the “sport apparel” category, and students bundle up in layers with their heaviest attire to battle the winter cold.

This semester, however, I have noticed more and more students dressing stylishly warm, starting off spring semester with major fashion statements.

“Winter fashion right now…you never really know,” said junior Jermaine White-Reid. “It can get really hot or cold one day.”

“You can never have too many boots in the winter time,” said Rebecca Butler, a junior.

As students, we know that the University goes “salt-crazy” when it snows. The salt has been known to stain boots and shoes, so having multiple pairs is a great tip for the winter.

“I’d much rather have a pair of shoes that I can wear every day, that cost me a little bit more, than for them to last just a few weeks,” said Jennifer Patterson about spending wisely on boots.

“I think my boots and my coat are always the most expensive,” White-Reid said. He spent most of his money on sweaters, which he bought at Burlington Coat Factory and TJMaxx.

Most of the interviewed students were interested in transitioning their typical fashion styles to meet the winter demands for warmth. They each mentioned how layering was a huge part of their trick to staying warm and staying stylistically unique this season.

“I’ve never worn the same coat. I feel like I have to have something new,” White-Reid said. He said winter fashion in Ohio is more in demand than it is in other places.

“I think pea coats are definitely in, but I think they’re getting more formed and shape-fitting. They’re coming down and covering you if you wear a skirt or a dress,” Patterson said. “I think it’s easy to get out of bed, take a shower, straighten your hair or something and put on a pair of PINK pants, but I feel like I can experiment with it so much more,” she said.

Patterson referred to the excitement of dressing up and making an effort to put together an outfit in the winter rather than succumbing to the laziness which generally pervades students’ wardrobes when the cold comes.

The students all agreed that winter accessories are essential and a key component in playing it safe in the winter.

“I love scarves. I’m big on accessories,” White-Reid said about accessorizing in the winter, and advised choosing the right jacket complimented by a scarf.

“Scarves are usually the staple part of my outfit,” Patterson said.

Students are finding themselves in fashion, and are wisely spending most on the areas of need, like coats and boots. Even though the winter is a season that causes some students to be unmotivated about fashion, students here at The University of Akron are proving winter wrong.