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Ely Road Boutique: Hidden Gem of Akron 11-01-16

Owner Suzie Pruitt holder her corgi Huey at Ely Road Boutique.

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

November 3, 2016

Come to Ely Road Boutique for unique and fashionable pieces and an adorable corgi named Huey. This local boutique is new to downtown Akron. Owner Suzie Pruitt opened the boutique in January, 2016. This boutique is located by the main library off of W. Market Street in Akron’s Downtown Historic Dis...

The flowers of spring fashion bloom

The flowers of spring fashion bloom

By Rachel Brown

April 4, 2013

Rachel Brown During these final winter months, it is easy to feel dazed and tired, not just with our classes, but our winter wardrobes. While it is quick and simple to put on the yoga/sweat pants followed by a warm heavy jacket every day, it does in fact get quite repetitive and boring. However, spring ...

Warming up to winter fashion

November 29, 2012

Written by: Channing Murrock This winter, make a lasting impression as the fall semester ends and a great first impression when the spring semester begins by dressing in winter's hottest styles. Things to keep in mind when dressing for cold weather are comfort, warmth and fashion. Winter clothes don't...

I now pronouce you married and fasionable

October 25, 2012

Written by: Channing Murrock Planning a wedding can be fun, but also stressful at times. Many people want their weddings to be enjoyable, memorable, budget-friendly and trendy. In order to hit all of these categories, future brides and grooms must research everything from photographers to venues, to dr...

Girl about Campus: when in Kolbe

September 13, 2012

Written by: Helen Dauka Have you ever come across a building or a part of campus and thought, “I had no idea that this even existed”? Or said, about the building that houses your major, “I basically live in that building”? Personally, being a Communication major, Kolbe Hall has become my se...

New styles are blowing in with the fall air

September 11, 2012

Written by: Channing Murrock Fall is approaching quickly. Instead of dressing down in sweatpants every day, read these tips on transitioning your wardrobe into cozy chic fashion. Fall is that strange time of year when mornings are chilly and afternoons are warmer, so dressing in layers is key to stayin...

Fashion sweeps in with the spring winds

April 23, 2012

Written by: Channing Murrock Spring is in the air, and that means updating your wardrobe from drab, bulky items to fun, colorful ones. This is a good season to have fun by changing up your style because it is not quite warm but not cold, either. The options are endless; one day you can wear jeans a...

Purple Plane Clothing opens many doors

April 9, 2012

Written by: Starr Davis University of Akron student Sara Mahri, 21, is a model for Purple Plane Clothing Incorporated. Mahri started modeling for Purple Plane last year and has been a loyal model and friend to the new business. “I always wanted to model,” she said. “I love fashion.” With a ...

UA students walk the runway

March 29, 2012

Written by: Starr Davis The Beta Pi Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. showcased their seventh annual fashion show Thursday in the Student Union Ballroom. “It was different; it wasn’t anything I expected,” said Iyeshia Hood, a UA sophomore, after the show. Students at The University o...

Explore your inner color

January 31, 2012

By: Channing Murrock Taking a quick look around your dorm, what catches your eye first? Is it that bold comforter of yours, or that shaggy hot pink rug? Maybe it’s the electric blue lounge chair. None of the above? It seems you need a bit of an update. I can’t think of anyone who wants to sit in ...

Winter Fashion

January 25, 2012

By: Starr Davis Traditionally during the spring semester, students are usually just trying to stay warm and get to class as fast as they can to keep out of the cold weather. Clothing generally falls under the “sport apparel” category, and students bundle up in layers with their heaviest attire ...

Celebrity fashion: how to dress like your favorite celeb

September 20, 2011

By: Channing Murrock Whether we realize it or not, our everyday outfits are largely influenced by major celebrities and fashion icons like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Brad Pitt and Drake. These celebrities are considered icons because they think outside the box when getting dressed and capture a certain style, whether it’s edgy,...

Fall is just around the corner: What to wear this season

September 1, 2011

By: Channing Murrock Grab your scarfs, cardigans and zippered hoodies, because fall is quickly approaching. If you are on a budget, many of this fall’s top trends reuse articles from past seasons. The major look of this fall is “texturizing,” or layering your outfits. Summer layers are lightweigh...