Celebrity fashion: how to dress like your favorite celeb

By: Channing Murrock

Whether we realize it or not, our everyday outfits are largely influenced by major celebrities and fashion icons like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Brad Pitt and Drake.

These celebrities are considered icons because they think outside the box when getting dressed and capture a certain style, whether it’s edgy, bohemian, hip-hop or casual. Every style of dress can be grouped together into one or more categories. Lady Gaga’s style, for example, can be eccentric, Rihanna’s is edgy and loud, Brad Pitt’s is formal-meets-casual, and Drake’s is hip-hop-meets-the-streets.

Drawing influence for outfits from celebrities is easy, but putting together outfits like theirs can be difficult, mostly because they have stylists and a large clothing budget. Most college students don’t have $200 to spend on a pair of shoes, so they hit the clearance racks, thrift stores and their best friends’ closets.

Walking around campus, one can see that each student has his or her own individual style. A few might have the same top, but each puts a unique spin on it by adding jewelry or maybe a cool jacket. Most students wear jeans every day, but some like to switch it up by adding leggings instead or cuffing their jeans to make them shorter.

Even if students don’t study celebrity fashion, almost all of their clothing is inspired by some celebrity somehow. That vintage wooden necklace you snagged at the thrift store? Nicole Ritchie wore that last year and started off the trend. Those graphic tees that just hit the sales floor? Lil Wayne was wearing those exact ones way before anyone even knew about them. But why do celebs have such a strong influence on our clothing choices?

“Celebrities are everywhere,” sophomore Ashley Hauser said. “They are in magazines, in movies, on television shows and even on social media sites. It is hard not to study what they’re wearing and try to make it our own.”

“My style is fun, flirty and girly,” junior Maggie McElvenny said. “It is influenced by Taylor Swift.”

“I would say my style leans toward bohemian or hippy,” sophomore Bethany Noble explains. “I like things that match but also that show off my body. Vanessa Hudgens always looks comfortable but cute in her loose, 60’s-inspired outfits.”

Noble was wearing a flowered romper that had a braided brown belt cinching her waist, a long navy cardigan and a dove necklace.

Even men are influenced by celebrities. They may not study fashion as closely as women, but they still see what works on a certain person they idolize and try to emulate their style.

Freshman Matt Traylor is largely influenced by Drake.

“He just has so much swag, and I respect him and his music,” said Traylor. “He knows how to put clothing together to get the lady’s attention and look good at the same time.”

Traylor wears a button-down with cargo shorts and bright purple tennis shoes that let him stand out in a crowd.

“I don’t like to blend in,” Traylor said.

Shopping clearance racks may not be for everyone, but great deals can only be found when you look. Now, since stores are clearing out their floor space for fall, many summer clothes are on sale, so stock up on shirts, dresses, shorts and tanks to wear until the weather permanently cools down and you will be way ahead of everyone else next year.