Explore your inner color

By: Channing Murrock

Taking a quick look around your dorm, what catches your eye first? Is it that bold comforter of yours, or that shaggy hot pink rug? Maybe it’s the electric blue lounge chair. None of the above?

It seems you need a bit of an update. I can’t think of anyone who wants to sit in a drab dorm all day with white sheets, no posters and no color. Adding items to your dorm can not only help show visitors your personality, but, depending on the colors you choose, can also help set the atmosphere you want to portray.

The easiest places to add color are in your comforter and playful rugs on the floor. Personally, I chose a funky zebra print rug to create a fun atmosphere and luxurious purple sheets to create a glamorous vibe.

Warm colors such as orange, red and yellow visibly raise the temperature in a room and create more of a cozy environment. Cooler colors such as green and blue create a calm and tranquil environment and visibly drop the temperature in a room.

If you want to draw attention to a certain spot in a room, like the bed or desk, create contrasting colors. These are colors which lie opposite on the color wheel, such as red and green. When contrasting colors collide, they create vibrations that draw your eye to it.

Red is the color of energy. It can be used by both men and women in their living environments. Red enhances the metabolism, raises blood pressure and draws attention – which is why stop signs and red lights are, well, red. Red also means determination, which can help you keep your eye on that diploma! To incorporate the determination of red into your room, incorporate it next to a to-do list so you can’t overlook your daily tasks.

Orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation.  Orange increases oxygen to the brain and produces an invigorating effect. In the orange family, gold can create an atmosphere of prestige and make you feel important. To add orange to an everyday room, place a picture of something orange near your desk to encourage a productive environment when studying. Hang a gold mirror on your dresser to make you feel extra special when looking into it.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and is associated with happiness and energy and is a color thought to be gender neutral. Yellow stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy. Yellow is an attention getter and catches the eye.  A lighter shade of yellow is associated with intellect and joy. To get your energy going in the morning, hang a picture of your favorite motto with a yellow background to not only catch your attention, but also to mentally energize your body to get your day going. Do you like to work out at the gym? Keep a yellow sweatband or ponytail holder around your wrist and glance at it when you need a power up during a workout session.

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes freshness, growth and harmony.  Green creates a safe atmosphere and can mentally heal your brain from a stressful day. Green relaxes the human eye the most so it can get more rest and relieve strain. Green also helps create a stable environment, so placing a small green plant near a window is a good way to trick your brain into taking care of something that will not leave you. Olive green creates a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere that can be a paradise. If you are homesick, pull out a green pillow to calm the mind and feel safe.

Blue is also a color of stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence and intelligence. Blue is beneficial to the mind and body because it slows the metabolism and causes a calming effect. Blue also suppresses the appetite. Light shades of blue appear more tranquil to the eye, while dark shades represent knowledge and power. Throw down a rug in any shade of blue to help start the day with confidence and intelligence. Before taking a test, take a deep breath and focus on that rug to help relieve stress and focus better during the test. On a diet? The next time you feel the need to indulge in some not-so-healthy treats, put them on a blue plate. This can help to suppress the appetite and make sure you don’t regret eating too many cookies before bed.

“Blue was a big color I used because it usually calms me down and makes me feel comfortable, while green was fun and added an edge to the blue,” junior Maggue Clader said. “Yellow is another color I love because it usually cheers me up because it’s bright and reminds me of the sun.”

Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, wisdom and creativity. Light purple creates a feminine vibe in a room while dark purple can cause frustration. Women mostly use bright or light shades of purple, while men are growing fonder of deep shades. Throwing down a purple comforter in a medium to light tone of purple can help “spoil” you into feeling like royalty and help create a happy atmosphere. Gentleman, to feel confident your next night out, throw on a fresh deep magenta-hued hat to not only catch someone’s attention, but also feel special inside.

White is associated with innocence, while black is associated with elegance and mystery. White means safe and sanitary. To create the illusion of a clean dorm in a hurry, hang a sheer white curtain over your window that can filter natural light in a calming effect. To hide things in a dorm where you don’t want to draw attention, purchase a black storage unit to slip under your bed.