I now pronouce you married and fasionable

Written by: Channing Murrock

Planning a wedding can be fun, but also stressful at times. Many people want their weddings to be enjoyable, memorable, budget-friendly and trendy. In order to hit all of these categories, future brides and grooms must research everything from photographers to venues, to dresses, to tuxedos, to floral arrangements.

Luckily, Today’s Bride magazine covers everything a future Mr. and Mrs. need to know, and can be delivered right to your doorstep. Today’s Bride also has bridal shows that brides-to-be can attend in order to see, under one roof, all of their options for their big day.

Last Sunday, the bridal show came to the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls. Upon entering the two-floor show, one was immediately amazed to see tables piled high with cakes to taste, flowers to smell, and dresses to gaze at. Local photographers displayed some of their pictures and DJs played music and showed off custom lighting shows.

Fashion shows were held at different points throughout the day, displaying gowns and tuxedos from David’s Bridal, Lavender Bridal Salon and Tuxedo Junction. One trend in wedding dresses is tight-fitting, crystal-covered bodices that show the bride’s shape. The crystals can be arranged sporadically, or in floral shapes or firework motifs. While the models walked back down the runway, spectators were wowed by the crystals and the amazingly long trains.

Many of the men’s tuxedo vests could be customized with any color that went 360 degrees around, unlike traditional vests, where the color is only seen at the front.

Another trend is colored dresses, versus traditional white dresses. One model came down the runway wearing a pink-blush Vera Wang dress while another wore a dramatic black-and-white gown. Many brides are also losing the veils and either going without them or pinning short ones into their hairstyles that trail down their backs.

After choosing the dresses, couples must figure out where they want their receptions to take place. Finding a place that provides food, linens, chairs and a bar is not only less expensive in the long run, but also more convenient. A venue that also has photo-friendly spots inside or outside will also help the wedding photographer to snap great shots of you and your guests having a great time.

Venues offer many menu styles, including sit-down, family-style, and buffet-style. Most venues can customize lighting, decorations, seat positioning and bar options.

Next, couples must choose the entertainment that is right for them, whether it is a live band or a DJ. DJs are today’s most popular option, and are responsible for pumping up the crowd, announcing the dances, and cutting the cake. If a couple chooses a live band, they must pick a venue that can support the size and sound of a live band.

Speaking of cutting the cake, another wedding trend is many-tiered cakes, with different flavors in each tier, that can appeal to every person at the reception. Multiple flavor options allow more guests to enjoy a slice. Other options many couples are embracing are cupcakes instead of big wedding cakes.

Another option for entertainment is a photo booth. Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. Companies that provide these booths also provide custom backdrops, props and personalized photo strips with the date of the wedding and an option to send a video message to the bride and groom. Photo booths are a fun option to help entertain guests of all ages.

When the wedding is over, many couples like to give thank-you presents to their guests. Many companies offer customizable gifts to give away. Brides can give engraved necklaces or jewelry boxes, while grooms can give cigars and flasks engraved with messages and dates. These keepsakes can hold wonderful memories and last a lifetime.

The last thing that couples must worry about is the honeymoon. The honeymoon should be the most relaxing part of the wedding process, but if not planned correctly, it can be a hassle. Choosing an all-inclusive destination, like Sandals, is a great path to take because food, beverages and activities are all included in the price. Many couples choose to take the tropical route, but some go the nontraditional route, and save money, by staying in the U.S. and bonding over some of the country’s most famous landmarks.

Whatever route a couple chooses, they must remember to have fun, relax and enjoy each other’s company.