The Buchtelite

The Civil Rights Movement of our generation

April 18, 2013

Jessica Johnson Adopted in 1996, DOMA states that marriage will remain between a man and woman and that same-sex couples will be denied the rights of marriage. DOMA also states that same-sex marriages...

Somewhere over the rainbow

April 2, 2013

Destiny Ross There is an unnecessary war brewing in the minds of many Americans; and no, I am not talking about mental retaliation against the recent threats from North Korea. The debate is between those...

I now pronouce you married and fasionable

October 25, 2012

Written by: Channing Murrock Planning a wedding can be fun, but also stressful at times. Many people want their weddings to be enjoyable, memorable, budget-friendly and trendy. In order to hit all of...

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