Fall is just around the corner: What to wear this season

By: Channing Murrock

Grab your scarfs, cardigans and zippered hoodies, because fall is quickly approaching.

If you are on a budget, many of this fall’s top trends reuse articles from past seasons. The major look of this fall is “texturizing,” or layering your outfits. Summer layers are lightweight, but fall layers are slightly heavier and play with different fabrics and patterns.

Need some quick looks? A causal outfit that uses the layering trick can be achieved by adding a loose summery tank under an open button down or flannel shirt. Pull on some skinny jeans and pile on some feminine jewelry to balance the masculinity of the flannel.

For another easy look, just grab your scarves, leggings and short-sleeved sweaters. Layer the scarf over the sweater to block out the chilly autumn winds. Add leggings and patterned ballet flats to complete the sophisticated look.

“I love leggings, you can wear them in the fall,” said Social Work Masters student Rachel Braswell.

Men can also achieve the layering look by adding zip-up hoodies over graphic t-shirts or over thermal long sleeves. Flannels are also great at blocking out the cooler temperatures, whether buttoned or unbuttoned. Throwing on a flannel overtop a t-shirt masters the texturizing technique perfectly.

For a more formal event, throw on a berry-hued sundress with a matching cardigan overtop. The cardigan should be a deeper fall hue versus a bright summery one. Just add neutral pumps to elongate your legs and you are ready to go.

“I’m excited for fall. It is my favorite season. I like the colors,” Braswell said.

Fall trends can also be achieved through simple beauty techniques. Painting your nails a deep burgundy or dark navy is a good transition from the hot pinks and baby blues of summer. Also, lining your eyes in deep violet flatters every eye color and changes up an everyday neutral make-up palette.

Quick simple hairstyles that complement fall trends can be slicked back buns, Bohemian-inspired braids and twists and voluminous ponytails. Each can be obtained by using hairspray, bobby pins and ponytail holders.

Rotating key wardrobe staples and new beauty tricks can guarantee that you will look on trend and fashionable this fall.