The Buchtelite

The intolerance of the tolerant

October 11, 2012

Written by: Ernest Tretow Letter to the editor in response to a previous letter printed on Thusday, Sept 27. While none of the staff at The Buchtelite are elected to represent the student body, you do...

USG and LGBTU meet

October 4, 2012

Written by: Heather Beyer and Beau Brown In response to a protest held in the Student Union by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Union (LGBTU), Undergraduate Student Govenment (USG) president Mary...

Think before you tweet

October 2, 2012

Written by: Beau Brown With the upcoming election, we are up to our knees in U.S. politics, but now many university students are in neck-deep as on-campus politics are poured into the vat. This past...

USG senator’s tweet sends LGBTU into protests

October 2, 2012

Written by: Heather Beyer and Katelyn Freil The Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender Union student organization at Akron stood their ground on Monday as they protested the Undergraduate Student Government...

ZPN brings LGBT community to Mr. Rogers' neighborhood

March 8, 2012

By: Pamela Kellman Twenty-nine states in the country make it legally admissible to hire and fire individuals based on the assumption of their orientation. For Joe Bertolino and Bil Leipold, institutional...

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