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Dr. Zimbado addresses 1100 audience members at Quaker Station Monday night.

World Famous Psychologist Visits UA

By Jaclyn Scarborough, Writer October 7, 2015

Those who have taken a psychology course have probably heard the name Philip Zimbardo at one time or another. On Monday, Oct. 5, he came to The University of Akron. Zimbardo is most famously known...

Business professionals, staff members, and students gathered at Quaker Station for the 2015 Economic Summit.

Schwab, Goldman Sachs leaders talk economics

By Samantha Hickey, News Editor October 7, 2015

Tuesday morning, the Department of Finance in UA’s College of Business Administration welcomed business professionals, staff members, and students to attend the 2015 Economic Summit at Quaker Station. This...

Yusuf Estes spoke to an audience of over 800 people at Quaker Square.

Muslim speaker visits UA

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor March 16, 2015

The University of Akron’s Muslim Students Association presented a lecture by renowned preacher, Yusuf Estes. This event was held on Thursday, March 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Almost 800 people from...

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