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OK ladies, let’s get information

By Abigail Bashor,

October 31, 2016

When you ask most adults what their feelings toward the 2016 presidential election are, oftentimes a resounding groan or exasperated sigh is the answer you are met with. Ask millennials, and the response is not all that dissimilar. Still, a striking difference between the two groups remains: voter t...

Go Red for Women luncheon

By Noor Najjar, Student Writer

May 4, 2016

Life is full of many great moments to cherish such as weddings, anniversaries, college acceptances, and graduations. Many pre-med students probably know that the number one non-communicable disease and killer in the United States is heart disease, with many risk factors such as bad diet, genetics, and...

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Participants walk for sexual assault awareness.

By George Dunlap, Writer

May 2, 2016

The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) capped off Sexual Assault Awareness Month with its 11th annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event on April 29 at Lock 3. Since 2005, the Medina and Summit County Rape Crisis Centers have put on this event to raise funds and bring awareness to the topic of sexual assault. This...

Sports Recap

By Terry Rabbitts, Writer

April 19, 2016

Men’s and Women’s Track and Field This past weekend saw both The University of Akron men’s and women’s track and field teams sweep their competition in the Northeast Ohio Quad held at the Lee R. Jackson Track and Field Complex.   The Akron men’s team defeated Youngstown State (1...

Marketing dinner features female speakers

Left to right: Hali Strub, Kristin Genetin, Bayli Strub, members of PSE pose for a photo after dinner.

By Natalie Orr, News Editor

April 13, 2016

The National Sales and Marketing Executives (NSME) Akron-Canton chapter held their monthly dinner meeting at The Tangier in Akron on Tuesday, April 12. Three female members of NSME Norma Rist, Jane Vassas, and Jennifer Chernisky spoke about their experiences in entrepreneuring and business for the ...

Women’s self-defense class was a hit

UA student learns new self-defense techniques in a class at the Rec.

By Abigail Wakefield, Writer

March 28, 2016

University of Akron Police Department (UAPD) Detective Angela Paonessa and Officer Kevin Kabellar joined a handful of women in the rec center on March 16 to teach helpful self-defense techniques. This class was held as part of Women’s History Month. The hands-on workshop presented easy-to-use...

Inspiring young girls into STEM fields

Kids show off their creations at the 2016 Kid's Career Day at UA.

By Kaitlin Erdman

March 7, 2016

It is known that women are underrepresented in STEM fields, but an event held every year at The University of Akron is working to change that.   Last Saturday, UA held the 2016 Kid’s Career Day in the Student Union. This event, sponsored by Lockheed Martin and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, was a half...

Recycling gets better reception

Used phones can be dropped off at Bierce Library, the Rec, Polsky, and other places on campus.

February 25, 2015

The Summit County and Medina County Battered Women’s Shelter estimates that 1.5 million women and more than 800,000 men are raped or physically assaulted every year in the U.S.   SCMCBWS is working closely with the UA Recycling Department to collect unused or unwanted cellphones for survivors...

Women taught self-defense

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

February 25, 2015

A women’s self-defense class was offered in UA’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center on Tuesday, Feb. 24 to teach women various ways to protect themselves if a situation ever arises. The demonstration was led by Lt. Chad Cunningham, who has been offering this class for more than 10 years, alongside...

How influential women are fighting for gender equality

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

February 24, 2015

The 87th Academy Awards took place this past Sunday at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. The ceremony was all about the stars’ glitz and glamour. This year, however, more than ever, women are challenging the stereotypes that follow them both on and off of the red carpet. Sexism is no longer...

Religious protestors cause stir on campus

Students protesting the religious groups on campus.

By Grant Morgan, Writer

September 29, 2014

  The University of Akron was rife with contention on Thursday, Sept. 25 as five spokespersons from an independent Christian church took up positions outside of Bierce Library. The church is based in Kentucky, though the men have been making rounds to several college campuses in the Summit...

UA women in power

UA women in power

March 14, 2013

Alexandra Didato With copious amounts of student organizations offered on campus, female students have the opportunity to experience and take on many diverse leadership roles. One student leader, Elizabeth Davis, the USG director of internal communications, has had a very positive experience in he...

Single white female

Single white female

March 14, 2013

Kara Hemphill You may or may not have been aware of this, but it’s Women’s History Month – a month much like any other month, except we sort of pretend to honor women’s history for a few weeks. Last month was Black History Month, which is better publicized but of equally debatable use. At least in...

Engineering a minority

March 14, 2013

Rachel Salyer When a person envisions a teacher, nurse or secretary, they probably picture a female. Picture an engineer, architect or mathematician — is it a male? Women like Renee Horn and Lauren Kukwa are looking to change that stereotype. They are part of the small, but growing minority of wome...

Impactful women

March 12, 2013

Chris Phillips The contributions of women in history often go overlooked. Akron has many historical women, and the Women’s History Project of the Akron Area has created a website to profile these historical women and their contributions to society. The website was launched on March 31, 2003 with a ...

I should have had a V8

I should have had a V8

February 28, 2013

Aine McCarthy Back in the 80s, there was this innuendo-ridden movie with Rodney Dangerfield and Robert Downey Jr. called "Back to School." It centered around an older, uneducated man who decided to grab a degree as a show of gumption for his son. He was wealthy, of course, so there was just a lot of raucous debauchery ...

Trash TV: trashing women

Trash TV: trashing women

February 21, 2013

Abigail Chaff Where have the powerful and independent gone? Ladies, do you not see the shame being brought upon the fairer sex by contemporary television? The examples of sexism in television programs are seemingly endless. It is time to open your eyes and refuse to be subliminally caught in the co...

Bowling Green preview

Bowling Green preview

January 31, 2013

Parker Perry One foe has always been able to top the Akron women’s basketball—the Bowling Green Falcons. Bowling Green (13-6, 4-2 MAC) is a perennial powerhouse in the Mid-American Conference, and owns a 47-2 record against the Akron Zips. Their dominance dates back to 1978, when Akron was in the...

Women no longer banned in combat

Women no longer banned in combat

January 29, 2013

Katelyn Freil Thursday marked a big step for women in the military as the Pentagon lifted the ban on female service members in combat situations. The ban ended with the announcement from outgoing Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and sparked a debate between many as to whether or not women should be ...