Sympson's sports view

Written by: Matt Sympson

The University of Akron men’s soccer team defeated Michigan on Sunday 2-1 to advance to the NCAA Round of 16, the basketball team got on a two-game winning streak over the weekend, and the Browns and Steelers get set to face off as they renew their rivalry.

Men’s soccer

Congratulations to the men’s soccer team, who defeated Michigan on Sunday 2-1 and advanced to the NCAA Round of 16.

They will play next on Sunday.

Fans are hoping the team can continue to dominate and to make their way back to, and win, the national championship.

No matter what happens from here on out, the players should hold their heads up high, because they earned this.

It would be so great to celebrate a national championship and have something to cheer about.

Akron students have earned the right to be proud about sports here at the university.

Men’s basketball

The men’s basketball team had a two-game winning streak over the weekend, defeating UNC Asheville and Penn State.

After starting the season off slow, they picked up the pace and are now 3-2 on the season.

Hopefully they can continue this success and stay above the .500 mark for the remainder of the season.

Fans really want them to make it back to the MAC championship and win this year.

I still haven’t gotten the sour taste out of my mouth from last year, when the Ohio Bobcats defeated us by one point.

I also want us to go to the NCAA tournament and make it past the first round, since we never have.

I look forward to another exciting season of basketball, and I can’t wait to root on our Akron Zips!

Professional football

With the Browns losing in overtime to the Dallas Cowboys, they fall to 2-8 on the season.

The Steelers fell to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night and are now 6-4 on the season.

The Browns and Steelers will face each other next Sunday for the first time this season, where they will renew their rivalry.

I always look forward to Browns-Steelers games, because they are so fun to watch — especially ones in the past.

Of course, I’m hoping the Steelers will pull off the victory, but I want to see the Browns make the game competitive.

I think it will be an interesting game, since the Steelers’ starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and second-string quarterback Byron Leftwich will be out. Third-string quarterback Charlie Batch will be the starter.

Best of luck to our men’s soccer team. I know they will make us proud. I hope to see many students attend their next game, cheering on and supporting our team!

Happy Thanksgiving, and go Zips!