Getting to know Anthony Ampaipitakwong

Anthony Ampaipitakwong, senior captain and midfielder for the No. 2 ranked Zips men’s soccer

team who recently advanced to the NCAA Elite Eight, is by far one of the most tenured players

A native of Carrollton, Texas and a graduate of the IMG Soccer Academy in Bradenton, Florida,

I was born and raised in the Dallas area, and my family still lives in the same house I grew up in

Award watch lists. Both awards are very prestigious, with the Hermann Trophy being the soccer

Currently this season, Ampaipitakwong has three goals and ten assists, while starting every game

While growing up, Ampaipitakwong did not just focus on one sport, but played multiple sports

When it was time for Ampaipitakwong to attend high school, he went to the IMG Academy in

Bradenton, Florida, which is a world-class training facility for athletic, academic and personal

specific sport and also in their life. The Academy attracts more than 12,000 athletes from

Ampaipitakwong. They train you with the mindset of the common goal of getting better, and

your main focus is your sport; it’s a great academy to be at if you want to succeed at the next

The accolade that Ampaipitakwong received prior to college was quite impressive, as he was

and was selected to the Adidas Elite Summer Program, which is a selection of the top 150 youth

leadership on and off the field, as well as being one of the top collegiate soccer players in the

I can’t say enough about the young man, not only on the field, but off, said Porter. He’s just

a tremendous kid and a very talented player, who has been a key to our success over the last four

For Ampaipitakwong, the real reason he came to Akron was that he had instantly bought into

As for Ampaipitakwong’s feelings towards Porter, they are at a level where it is apparent that he

starter as a freshman, and he also put guys around me that would help me, along with me being

When Ampaipitakwong is not on the soccer field, he is either busy playing video games or out

Ampaipitakwong, who is majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Business, is uncertain

what he really wants after he graduates, but he does know he would like to work in sports.