Zippy cruising to give a bROOsing

The mascots of the 2014 Capital One Mascot Challenge.

Capital One

The mascots of the 2014 Capital One Mascot Challenge.

By Forrest Dukes, Sports Editor

With two straight wins in her pouch, Zippy is looking to continue her dominance in the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

After her biggest win of the competition against Cy, Zippy is now matched up against Spike, a bulldog representing The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.

Spike is ranked fifth in the standings while Zippy stands right underneath him in sixth place. Zippy, as of now, holds a slim lead over Spike, 52-48 percent and will need your help to gain this week’s matchup.

What can you do:

Post an answer to the question, “What would be Zippy’s signature sandwich?” Do this to earn 50 points per post for Zippy. You can also post a picture or video of the signature sandwich. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CAPITALONEZIPPY to ensure that Zippy gets the points for your post, picture or video. The last thing is a simple, vote. Go to to vote up to 50 times a day to support Zippy.