Disabilities Awareness Week

Latesha Bigford (left) and Ashley Poulos at one of Mondays events.

Spencer Skolnick

Latesha Bigford (left) and Ashley Poulos at one of Monday’s events.

By Spencer Skolnick, Writer

From Nov. 3 through Nov. 7, the university is celebrating Disabilities Awareness Week.

The Office of Accessibility and the Counseling Center teamed up with representatives from the Residence Hall Program Board and Council, Bierce Library and the Student Recreation and Wellness Services to host events every day of the week to raise awareness for disabilities. Throughout the week, Bierce library will have interactive displays and resource guides for students to take advantage of.

The “I Stand for Access for All” and “Piecing Together the Puzzles” interactive workshops will be open all day on Monday and Tuesday in the Student Union trapezoid lounge. These will present useful tools and information to utilize and learn about various disabilities.

“This week provides us students a great chance to get aware on the topic, and I’m so glad for this opportunity,” said UA student Ricki Ellinger.

On Wednesday Nov. 5, Miss Iowa 2013, Nicole Kelly, will make an appearance, giving a presentation, “Changing Stereotypes,” at 3:20 p.m. in the Student Union Theater. Having personal experience dealing with a disability, Kelly will discuss stereotyping in regards to her life and disabilities.

Student DeAnna Sheffler said, “I’m looking forward to getting the chance to hear from a winner of Miss Iowa. I’m impressed with her success.”

Information on other events occurring during this week, including an accessible kayaking demonstration and a fitness floor demonstration both held in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, can be found on the Office of Accessibility homepage through the university’s website.

Along with those events, more information can be found on this site about Friday, Nov. 7 event, a panel discussion titled, “Successful Return to College after Injury.”