Big Love festival promotes health


Sara Syed

David Swirsky, UA undergraduate student and co-founder and organizer for Big Love, photographed with various people who attended the Big Love event

By Sara Syed, Writer

Saturday, Feb. 28, more than 2,000 people gathered at Musica in downtown Akron to celebrate the 2nd annual Big Love Festival.

Big Love Festival is a wintertime festival that Akron’s League of Creative Interventionists, Akron Peace Project,Health Equity for Akron’s Longevity and Sustainability, and countless volunteers have held for the past two years to bring light, warmth, and love to Akron during the cold season.

David Swirsky, undergraduate student at The University of Akron majoring in Business and Organizational Business, is the co-founder and organizer for Big Love. Swirsky is also the President of UA’s student organization, Environmental Akron, and is an avid member of the student organization Holistic Leaders and Mindful Meditation. He sought to provide students on campus with an event where they can not only learn more about the values behind these clubs, but also gain personal experience.

“In my experience, I’ve noticed many students don’t know about all the fun, culturally enriching events going on in Akron.  I wanted to help bridge that gap.  Also, I wanted to expose students to healthy practices such as healthy eating, meditation and yoga,” Swirksy said. “And of course, [Big Love helped to recruit] student groups to gain valuable service/volunteer hours.”

The event even hosted a healing center that provided meditation classes, yoga, singing, Reiki and massages all for free.

Many students from The University of Akron helped organize this event and hosted workshops or classes. Big Love aims to bring the community of Akron together by bringing awareness to the great, healthy, and conscious community that already exists here. Also while spreading awareness to others who are looking for this extra piece of fun and connection in their lives.

For more information, please contact David Swirsky at 330-419-1434 for further information.