Principal clarinetist showcases talent at UA


Jaclyn Scarborough

Nathan Williams addresses the audience before they began the concert in Guzzeta Hall

By Jaclyn Scarborough, Arts & Life Writer

UA’s School of Music hosted guest clarinetist Nathan Williams and pianist Colette Valentine on April 1 at Guzzetta Hall.

Williams and Valentine gave a free concert to the public, and performed various pieces including works by Schubert and Mozart and more modern pieces like “Bug” by Bruno Mantovani and “Clarinet Sonata Gumbo” by John B. Hedges.

Both Williams and Valentine are faculty members in the music program at The University of Texas at Austin.

Williams is an associate professor of clarinet, and the principal clarinetist in the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra in Houston. He is well known for his smooth and silky sound, which was heard throughout all of the pieces performed at Guzzetta.

Williams’s performance showcased how multifaceted the clarinet can be.

Valentine, who is a lecturer of collaborative piano at The University of Texas at Austin, is also one of the most well-known collaborative pianists in the country. She has performed all over the world, including the famous Carnegie Hall.

The recital was enjoyed by many, including Mike Michalec, a UA alumnus who has a strong interest in music.

In regard toward the performance, Michalec said, “I thought the players had a very good connection through the music, and it showed through the performance. I also liked how some of the pieces sounded more modern.”

The UA School of Music offers many free concerts throughout the year, which are open to both students and the public. For more information on future performances, visit .