Brief history, big plans for Multicultural Center

By Kelly Unger, News Writer

Since it was established in 2012, UA’s Multicultural Center has progressed steadily, organizing some of the most popular events on campus.


The Center has put on multiple programs this year, such as Caribbean Day, Diversity Week and the Black Male Summit. A record 1,600 people attended the Black Male Summit.


The Melissa Harris-Perry event was another highlight of the year—initially planned during Rethinking Race, but rescheduled due to inclement weather.


John Alvarez-Turner, associate director of the Multicultural Center, said the event he is most proud of this year was the Ohio Latino Education Summit, which hosted more than 300 people.


The Center’s programs have gained much popularity and risen in attendance, according to Alvarez-Turner. This let the Center sponsor more events within different communities.


Alvarez-Turner took his position as associate director in 2013. Since then, the Center has begun to plan in advance so that it can host events surrounded around the interests of students and what is being taught to them in classrooms.


One aspect that sets UA’s Multicultural Center apart from those of different universities, according to Alvarez-Turner, is that UA’s center is “specifically set for programming on this campus; cultural programing on this campus.”


As this semester comes to a close, Alvarez-Turner revealed some ideas the Center is considering that might lead to new events next year. These ideas include programs involving the LGBTQ community, like bringing back a drag show in collaboration with Zips Programming Network.


The Center is also planning a symposium for fall 2015 called the “Latin-American Symposium for Education and Research,” or “L.A.S.E.R.”


Students who have taken advantage and enjoyed events hosted by the Multicultural Center will not have to worry about their favorite programs being canceled, according to Alvarez-Turner. The Center is young and the turnout for many activities has been exceptional. In the future, it plans to add different events and work alongside the many departments located on campus.
Offices for the Multicultural Center can be found in Schrank Hall North Room 58. More information can be found on the Center’s Facebook page,; or its webpage,