Zipping Into College With The Student Newspaper

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

Hello fellow Zips, and welcome to the beginning of a new semester at The University of Akron!

It’s that time of year again. The hot days of summer will eventually cool to fall’s leaf-rustling chill, when the brick walkways that snake throughout campus are once again populated by bustling bodies hurrying to science labs and residence halls. Ready or not, school has begun.

New years are filled with new beginnings and goals, and The Buchtelite is not exempt from these annual changes. This issue marks the first print publication produced by the new staff of The Buchtelite, and we are very excited to share this special “Welcome Back” issue with all of you.

We are The Buchtelite’s editors, and we are also UA students. We represent a range of majors, disciplines and interests, and work each day to keep you informed with what is going on on our campus and in our city.

From comprehensive coverage of UA’s sports teams to local event reviews to profiles of UA’s astounding variety of organizations, The Buchtelite strives to be the student voice of this University. It is with this responsibility in mind that we determine the stories to share with you each day.

But we cannot do this without you. We encourage you to read us, of course, but we also want to hear from you. You can join the conversation by following @TheBuchtelite, our publication’s main Twitter account. We also encourage you to read our articles under The Buchtelite Facebook page.

You can look forward to a new issue of The Buchtelite every Tuesday and Thursday. The papers are distributed throughout campus and are available for free in many academic buildings. Additionally, you can download the app where our paper (among others) is available for viewing: the Student Newspaper Online (SNOMobile) is available for both Apple in the iTunes App Store and Android on Google Play. You can also view exclusive web content like videos, photo galleries and extended stories on our website,

So whether you are an avid reader of The Buchtelite or if this is your first time ever picking up our publication; a senior eagerly awaiting your graduation this year or a freshman who is entirely new to UA; or anything in between, know that this publication is for you.

This year, like all others, will bring with it changes, both good and bad, but you can rely on The Buchtelite to be here every step of the way.

Brittany Gregg

Opinion Editor, The Buchtelite