Megan Bodenschatz for president, Sterling Galehouse for vice president


  1. Why do you want to be president? 

P: I want to be a part of the process that helps make the changes students want and deserve by listening to my peers’ needs and accurately advocating for them.

VP: I believe that Megan offers the most experience and knowledge when it comes to USG and the leadership skills required to be successful. I would not run with anyone else.

2. What are some of the most important things you have done is USG so far?

P: My biggest accomplishment in USG was successfully planning the Ohio Student Government Summit in which speakers and students facilitated discussions to further understand their roles in student government and to better serve their students.

VP: Winning the election for Chairman of the Ohio Student Government Association. It is the largest lobbying group in the state of Ohio that fights for the needs of students.

3. What is your experience outside of USG? 

P: I am currently an intern at Diebold, Inc. with the Global Events team. In my two years with Diebold, I have had a unique opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of people as well as solve and participate in high-level situations. I also have an internship in Larry Burns’, the vice president of advancement, office. My role in this internship has allowed me to develop relationships with senior administration members and gain a greater understanding of the University’s operations.

VP: For the past two school years I have had an internship with Dr. Scott Scarborough in the President’s Office. During my time there I have been a part of numerous decision making processes, assisted input with the operating budget, and helped with enrollment initiatives for future students. This internship has helped me establish multiple valuable relationships with higher administration members, which I believe plays a key role in what Megan and I could accomplish.

4. What do you think needs to change on this campus, if anything?

P: There needs to be stronger communication and relationship between the students, faculty/staff, and administration.

VP: I believe we need to bridge the gap between students and administration. By doing this we are setting up the opportunity to accomplish our initiatives with efficiency and positive communication.

5. How will you create that change? And, anything different from the status quo?

P: I believe that because of the relationships I have already developed with a variety of administrators, I am well equipped to successfully advocate on behalf of the students. I have the experience to advocate for students and empower the members of USG to get to the hard hitting issues students are facing.

VP: We would like to see projects and ideas by the Senators get completed from start to finish. Our relationships with administrators allows for us to follow up and make sure good things are happening for students.

6. Besides academics, what other obligations will you have outside of USG when you are president? 

P: As of right now, I will be job hunting for post graduation and spending time with my family when I am not in class or working diligently for USG.

VP: I will keep my job in the Presidents Office, by doing this I will secure a relationship with Dr. Scarborough, making sure the voices of students are heard and achieving the goals set forth by USG as a whole.


  1. Who do you admire most as a leader, thinker, or in any other way influential person?

P: My older sister, Rachel.

VP: Ronald Reagan.

2. What would students be surprised to hear about you?

P: I am a certified Novice Faceter by the United States Faceters Guild.

VP: I collect cigars, it’s not the healthiest thing to do, but I enjoy it.

3. Favorite book: TV show: movie

P: Hamlet: Gilmore Girls: Les Miserables

VP: America In Retreat: Mad Men: The Great Gatsby

4. Free time activities: 

P: Crocheting, running, cooking/baking, spending time with family.

VP: Smoking cigars, traveling, networking, spending time with close friends.