Lewis C. Turner Amphitheater: Hidden Gem of (U)Akron 9-20-16

Behind the College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Akron

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

For this week’s Campus Voice question, I asked students where they like to go to clear their minds and relax. So for today’s Hidden Gem, I thought I’d tell you a spot that I like to go when I need to clear my mind.

Behind the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences is the Lewis C. Turner Amphitheatre, an outdoor area with tiers of seats built into the hill. This spot is most beautiful in the spring months when pale pink flowers bloom on every tree.

I discovered this spot a few semesters ago when I was taking a class in the Arts and Sciences building with my sister. Before class one afternoon, we stopped and sat on the tiered seats to talk. Summer was turning into fall and we wanted to capture every last second of the nice weather. We found that it was the perfect spot to destress in the cool breeze.

There are any number of reasons to visit the Amphitheatre: it’s better than sitting under harsh fluorescent lights; it’s the perfect spot for selfies with all the natural light; it’s a great spot for groups of people because you won’t be disturbing others if you get loud; and you can still get a strong Wi-Fi connection.