Village Discount Outlet: Hidden Gem of Akron 9-22-16

193 E Waterloo Road


Michelle DeShon

My giant wobbly pile of thrift store jeans to try on.

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

I’m a self-proclaimed master at thrifting. I step out of the house in an outfit made entirely of thrift store finds and still feel like a billion bucks. I love when someone compliments me on something and their look of confusion and surprise, and sometimes disgust, when I tell them where I got it.

My favorite thing about thrifting is that it helps me figure out my style and really define it. I started thrifting and found cheap items that would stand out in my closet. I was able to get a variety of staple pieces and workwear to start building a professional wardrobe for just a portion of what I’d spend at the mall.

I go to this store the most often because I find that its prices are usually cheaper than what you would find at a Goodwill location. Goodwill does not put a price on individual items, but has one price for all the sweaters and one price for all the jeans.

I know that I’ve been shopping at thrift stores too often because now, when I go into a store at the mall and when I see something I like, I often can’t bring myself to pay that much for an item of clothing.

One thing I love to get at thrift stores is jeans. I will go through all the jeans in my size, pull out the ones that might work, and pile them in my cart. I try each pair on and always shock myself with how many of them fit.

I don’t think thrift shopping should only be for those on a budget, although we all are college students and don’t mind a deal anyways. Village Discount Outlet offers a 20% student discount on Sunday with a valid University ID.

Some tips for successful thrifting:

Never go on an empty stomach. You will be “hangry” (hungry and angry) and you will get discouraged easily.

I’ve heard it’s bad to go with an idea of what you want because you can’t be sure if you’ll get lucky and find it; however, sticking to one section can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. If you need a new ugly grandpa sweater, hit up that section first.

My biggest rule about thrifting is this: if you are buying something just because it’s cheap and not because you love it, put it back. There is no point in buying something if it’s only going to take up room in your closet.

Wear slim-fitting pants or shorts if you are a guy, or leggings if a lady. This will make it easier to test the item out for size if there are no fitting rooms. Luckily, Village Discount Outlet has multiple fitting rooms.

Go with a friend. This will make it fun because you can also grab the most hideous item to try on and make them laugh. It will also help to ask someone for honest opinion on the piece.

Most importantly, be patient. Keep in mind you’re rummaging through thousands of questionable pieces just to find that one gem.

But luckily, you’ve already found the Hidden Gem: Village Discount Outlet.