University of Akron welcomes new sorority

University of Akron welcomes new sorority

By Arden Palmquist, Arts & Life Editor

With the fall recruitment coming to an end for Greek life chapters, the newest sorority on campus, Delta Zeta, is only beginning the search for potential members.

Founded in 1902, the sorority’s mission is to raise money to support the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which seeks to aid those with disabling hearing loss.

Educational leader consultants from Delta Zeta International, Dayna Wolfe and Danielle Wade, are in charge of creating the chapter’s community on campus.

“It takes a lot of positivity and willingness to step out of the bubble and talk about Greek life to individuals who may not fully understand what Greek life is,” said Wolfe. “It’s all about relationship building.”

The process of building a new Greek life chapter on campus involves outreach. This includes various events to educate potential members and an interview process.  

“Our process is a little more informal,” Wolfe explained. “We table on campus every single day, pass out flyers, let people know who Delta Zeta is as a national organization, and what it means to be a Delta Zeta at The University of Akron.”

As part of the recruitment process, the chapter hosts informational sessions and meet and greets for potential members to learn more about Delta Zeta and meet one another. Following these events, potential new members will complete a 15-minute interview process.

The arrival of a new chapter on campus brings the rest of the Greek community together, said the education leaders.

With Delta Zeta’s marketing strategy of Friends of Delta Zeta (FODZ), many sorority and fraternity members and various students throughout campus have supported the new chapter by wearing FODZ buttons and and shirts. Each chapter on campus has participated in one way or another to help Delta Zeta build its organization.  

The FODZ community does more than just market the chapter to recruit potential new members.

“There will be times where [students] can support us by making the Delta Zeta name more well known to the campus,” said Wade. “The FODZ family receives e-mails to wear our shirts on our bid day, and then our founding day.”

Delta Zeta will have “Bid Day” on Oct. 8, where potential new members will be selected to become sisters in the sorority.