The Bomb Shelter: Hidden Gem of Akron 10-18-16

923 Bank Street


Michelle DeShon

“If you find nothing else interesting here, promise you’ll take a selfie with the creature. “

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

 Visit The Bomb Shelter for unique finds that will make your dorm room or apartment the only place where your friends will want to hang out.

A statement on summed it up perfectly: “Our space is arranged for viewing and engaging idea making — it’s a vintage museum where everything is for sale!”

There is something for everyone here. Whether it be a new shot glass, a set of Coca-Cola chairs, a bowling ball, or an addition to your vinyl collection, they have everything you didn’t even know you needed. The 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse is packed with rare finds, including a section of decorations from a church, a section with quirky dining ware, and various traffic signs.

The boutique section is well-stocked with dresses, jeans, coats, and accessories. There is a tray of mismatched jewelry for 50 cents apiece. There are also a variety of small jewelry boxes for sale.

I found a section of vintage sign letters. You could just get the letters of your initials or buy multiple and make them say anything. I’ve never seen pieces like that in any second-hand shop that I’ve been to.

The most unique part of The Bomb Shelter has to be the giant serpent monster emerging from the floor. If you find nothing else interesting here, promise you’ll take a selfie with the creature.

I love how reasonable its prices are. Many antique stores can be pricey and not of interest to college students, but this one is different. The shop is packed with gems, many of which are less expensive than similar items in other vintage stores.

It’s just a short drive from campus. Go with plenty of time to browse, as there are many rooms.