UAPD response to thefts and break-ins

By Adam Fox, [email protected]

In response to a recent increase of thefts and vehicle break-ins, UA police officer Major Dale Gooding recommends students use common sense by ensuring that all vehicles, homes, and other personal properties are locked and secured.

Gooding explains that a rash of thefts happens every few years, where bicycles and unsecured vehicles become the main targets south of UA’s main campus.

UA’s Police Department also listed other suggestions, including placing bicycles indoors when possible or keeping them locked (preferably with a heavy-duty lock) when not in use outside. UAPD also suggests securing automobiles by locking all doors, making sure all the windows are up, and ensuring that no property is visible such as loose change, small electronics, and so forth.

Gooding also touched base on the recent clown costume epidemic that has been occurring nationwide, including the reported incident in South Hall. He explained that if a student is fearful of being harmed, they should contact the authorities immediately.

UAPD urges students to call immediately if they see anything or anybody acting suspicious. The number to call for immediate assistance is 911, while the non-emergency number is 330-972-2911. Akron Police can be reached at 330-375-2181 to report suspicious persons. Tips can be submitted via email to [email protected]