The Peanut Shoppe: Hidden Gem of Akron 10-25-16


Michelle DeShon

The Peanut Shoppe’s old-fashioned roaster.

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

As soon as you open the door of The Peanut Shoppe, you’re hit with the warm aroma of roasting peanuts.

There is a long counter with a variety of nuts, chocolates, trail mixes, dried fruits, and fruit-flavored candies. The walls and counters are covered in memorabilia and old pictures, like dozens of Mr. Peanut cartoons. There is so much to see and smell here so bring lots of quarters to pay for parking.

An assortment of nuts at The Peanut Shoppe.
Michelle DeShon
An assortment of nuts at The Peanut Shoppe.

This old-fashioned shop, located across from The Civic Theatre, has been in downtown Akron since the early 1930s. The Peanut Shoppe employees roast peanuts each morning in an old-fashioned peanut roaster, which is a piece of equipment that will amaze you and is still in very good condition.

The owner, Marge Klein, said that the shop was originally a Planter Peanut factory but was then sold to Jack Ashbrook in 1980. Ashbrook was the owner until 1998 and then passed the business along to his daughter and current owner.

According to Klein, the peanut roaster used to have an arm that extended outside to attract pedestrians inside with the smell of peanuts, and high school-aged boys would wear a Mr. Peanut mascot costume and pass out samples. The old mascot costume now sits on top of a vending machine looking over the shop.

This shop scores bonus points with a 10 percent discount with a valid student ID.