Ski club looks to Colorado slopes

The University of Akron Ski and Snowboarding club will travel to Winter Park, Colorado this November to spend four days riding the slopes.

Any UA student is welcome to attend. The club invites students from other universities to join for an additional $50 fee. All interested students will pay $500 for five nights in a condo, four lift tickets, and shuttles to and from the airport. Members are in charge of booking their own individual flights out to Denver, which range between $200 to $350 depending when they book and which airline they prefer.

Club President Alexandria Nguyen planned the trip by contacting the Ohio State University Ski club and partnering up with Echo Tours, which provides colleges with ski tours for discounted rates.

Nguyen says that the goal of this event is to let skiers and snowboarders experience the real mountain snow of the West — and, of course, to enjoy everyone’s company and the love of snow sports together.

The event is being held in Colorado because it is always guaranteed that the weather conditions will be great for skiers and snowboarders. The mountains are large and there many more ski resorts to choose from in all different kinds of price ranges.

We want everyone to experience how fun skiing and snowboarding can be and Colorado takes it to the next level compared to skiing at small ski resorts in Ohio like Boston Mills and Brandywine,” Nguyen said.

There are currently 46 people going on this trip and they are all looking forward to a great time with people who share as much love for snow sports as they do.