Women’s Varsity Swimming, Diving Team Bonds Through Campus Fun

The UA championship winning team took time to build a bond on campus, not only as a team, but also as friends.


(Photo Courtesy of Ashlynn Rodgers)

Jumping for joy, these UA student athletes cooled off after a fun Friday practice.

By Jayla Green, News Contributor

The University of Akron Women’s Varsity Swimming and Diving team had a bonding experience, running and splashing through the fountains near Coleman Common after a game of ultimate frisbee on Sept. 6.

Sophomore McKenzie Rice, a biology major and member of the UA varsity team, said while the activity could have been seen as odd by those walking through campus, the experience was something special the team will never forget.

“My teammates inspire me every day to be the best that I can be and I have learned so much and made so many memories that I will always remember, including this day today when we ran through the fountains having the time of our lives and living in the moment, right now,” Rice said.

Senior Jessica Bonezzi, a speech-language pathology and audiology major, said her teammates have been supportive outside the pool, as they enjoyed a fun, competitive game of ultimate frisbee.

Ashlynn Rodgers, a junior multidisciplinary media studies and photography major, was able to photograph the team building moment and believes it is a great example of a sports team creating memories.

Members of the women’s team not only have the opportunity to share experiences with each other, but also with other athletes from around the world.

“Our program hosts athletes coming from all around the world such as Sweden, Poland, Spain and many more and it brings such a unique aspect to our team getting to train with people coming from all sorts of backgrounds,” Rice said.

Last year the women’s varsity swimming and diving team won their sixth Mid-American Conference Championship, Bonezzi said.

The team will be having an
intrasquad meet on Friday Sept. 27 at 5 p.m. in the Ocasek Natatorium at 382 Carroll Street.