Parsons Dance Visits UA to Teach Master Classes, New Techniques

Dance students at The University of Akron got the opportunity to learn new styles in new ways.


(Image via Chelsey Dawn)

Dance students from levels V-VIII along with Parsons members during the week the company took residency at The University of Akron.

By Fabiana Mosquera, Arts & Entertainment Contributor

In association with DANCECleveland, The University of Akron invited Parsons Dance to teach master classes ranging from modern and hip-hop to contemporary from Oct. 7 to 11.

Each semester, UA’s dance, theatre and arts administrations bring a dance company to campus to give students a week full of new classes and styles to further their dance education. 

This semester’s classes were lead by Parsons Dance, a modern dance company based in New York renowned for their athletic ensemble work. 

“I thought the experience was so amazing,” Lauren Ferster, a sophomore in the Dance program, said. “It challenged me physically and mentally.”

Ferster explained that while each class was structured similarly, they all taught the students unique concepts.

“I loved getting to broaden my horizons with new movement that challenges me to be a better dancer,” Ferster said.

In addition to teaching UA students, Parsons also held a performance on Saturday, Oct. 12, at
E.J. Thomas Hall, featuring several of their works that showcased their versatility and musicality.

Students definitely took advantage of this opportunity and enjoyed the classes taught during the residency week of the dance company as it provided a nice change from regular techniques, according to junior Chelsey Dawn.

“I loved the style because it felt comfortable on my body while we were dancing,” Dawn said. “I also loved how personable the dancers in the company were with us. They made us feel comfortable the whole week and were very friendly.”