Zippython Hosting Pie-a-Thon, Raising Money for Akron Children’s Hospital

This fundraising event is one of several planned for the academic year to reach their goal of $40,000.

Members of Zippython dancing during their end of the year event in 2018.

(Image via Carley Maruna)

Members of Zippython dancing during their end of the year event in 2018.

By Megan Parker, Editor-in-Chief

Zippython is hosting their Pie-a-Thon event at Coleman Common from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 30 as part of their efforts to raise money for Akron Children’s Hospital.

For just $3, anyone from the campus community will have the opportunity to pie one of the members from Zippython, The University of Akron chapter of the student-run organization
Miracle Network Dance Marathon (MNDM).

Junior Abigail McKenna, a social work major and President of Zippython, said just over $31,000 was raised for Akron Children’s Hospital last year and their goal for this year is $40,000.

(Image via Abigail McKenna)
Members of Zippython pose for a photograph after completing volunteer work during the 2019 Make a Difference Day.

“We’re trying to do more fundraising activities throughout the year,” McKenna said. “We’re doing this fundraising pieing event and hoping it will go over well.”

Junior Alyssa Moses, an AYA integrated language arts major and entertainment director for Zippython, said this fundraising event is one of many planned throughout the year to help reach their goal.

Specifically for the pie-a-thon, Zippython is taking into account those who may want to pie someone but is unable to make it due to classes, distance from campus or other reasons.

“We’re gonna do a thing where if you wanna pie this person but you can’t get out of class on time or you can’t make it, you can still send money to us and we’ll record them getting pied and put it on our social media,” Moses said.

McKenna can be contacted by email at
[email protected] to send donations for a member to get pied if anyone is unable to attend the event.