Question: Are You Registered to Vote? Why or Why Not?

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

Elizabeth Heckler

On the spot interviews about new topics each week!

By Elizabeth Heckler, Social Media Editor

Mi’chael Fitch, Sophomore, Cultural Anthropology

“I am registered to vote, because your voice matters. We have a lot of topics and a lot of issues in the world that we need to have a part in and try to change them, if we can.”

Nikki Winkel, Junior, International Business and Human Resource Management

“I am registered to vote. I registered as soon as I turned eighteen. I do an absentee ballot every year, even the small elections; everything counts.”

Paul Brilla, Senior, Political Science

“Yes, because I believe voting is important, even if it’s one vote or two votes.”

Anthony Orlando, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

“Yes, because I feel like I should as a citizen.”

Taylor Watson, Fifth Year Student, Construction Engineering Technology

“Yes, I am, because I think that everyone should vote if they have the opportunity to.”

Felicity Reiland, Freshman, Chemical Engineering

“Yes, I am. I feel like if you can, you probably should, because it’s a right.”