UA’s Campus Focus Helps Connect Students to Jesus


(Image via Campus Focus)

Throughout the semester, signs for Campus Focus could be seen in different locations at The University of Akron.

By Amanda Swaney, Guest Writer

Campus Focus is a student ministry organization at The University of Akron that can sometimes be overlooked, but strives to provide students with a place to learn more about having a relationship with God and making lifelong friendships.

Their mission is what they call the four B’s: to see each student believing in Jesus, belonging to a family, becoming a disciple and building God’s kingdom.

Campus Focus was started in 1972 by Ed Tubs, who had just moved to Akron and was living on Buchtel Ave. Tubs had a heart to share the Gospel with college students in Akron and that’s exactly what he did.

Tubs began a small group Bible study that eventually grew so large, they began hosting larger gatherings and events on campus. From there, the organization began and has grown further.

Currently, Campus focus is led by Pastor Dan Cooper.

“There’s an obvious unity among the group when everyone understands the mission and buys into it,” Pastor Cooper said. “People are coming from all walks of life and each person has a unique story.”

Students also have the opportunity to go on different retreats throughout the academic year, such as one trip called Breakaway. This is a one-week trip over winter break in January where students can go to Florida.

“Breakaway pushes people to trust in God on what the week will be like. It’s something new every single day, it’s refreshing,” senior Caleb Carmody said. “It feels good to get away from everyday life and have a good time with good people.”

Each trip Campus Focus goes on has the same mission: to bring people closer to Jesus. Having fun and getting out of the house is a plus, but Campus Focus strives to help people in the community understand God’s word.

Junior Alyssa Hansen said she thinks these trips through Campus Focus help students grow both inside and outside, as they can lead to friendships growing deeper and exploring new places.