Local Artist Matt Miller Creates Painting for CBA

The multidisciplinary artist and Myers Alumni began development in June of this year.


(Image via Matt Miller)

Multidisciplinary artist and Myers Alumni Matt Miller’s completed painting located in The College of Business Administration building.

By LeKesha Parkman, Special Editions Editor

Matt Miller credits his artistic inspiration to his fascination of the archetypal characters and symbolism that can be found in the mythologies and folklore of different historical cultures. 

“Most of my personal artwork explores these traditions and ideologies with a touch of surrealism and psychedelia.” 

When Miller is faced with developing a concept for his work he combines the needs and goals of his clients with his personal vision, making a cohesive design that is reflective of both parties. 

Detail image of Matt Miller’s painting. (Image via Matt Miller)

“Sometimes everything just clicks, but other projects involve significant research as I piece together all of the necessary elements.”

Miller’s art is highly detailed and multifaceted. When viewed in person, the full scale of his work is immense. But regardless of the size of his projects, they each begin the same. 

The foundation of his artwork starts with several quick sketches, known as thumbnails. Miller shares these thumbnails with his clients and they discuss potential directions for the project.

After finalizing the direction he creates a full scale line drawing of the proposed artwork. Minor edits and a color pallet is then established digitally. 

Before beginning he reviews the design once more with the client where final edits can be suggested. Depending on the suggestions he may either incorporate them or forgo them if the proposed edits compromise the overall design. 

In relation to his latest project, Miller expressed excitement in creating a painting for UA’s College of Business Administration. 

“I was nominated alongside a handful of extremely talented Myers School of Art alumni and was shocked when I heard I had been chosen for the commission.’ He stated. 

It will be unveiled Dec. 11 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. and remain in the College of Business Administration building on campus.

The final design in digital format. (Image via Matt Miller)

Miller kept things close to the vest on what the mural’s composition would be, he did acknowledge that the project combines “elements of mythology and symbolism with the history of the University of Akron, its ties to local industry and the city of Akron as a whole.”

In response to the global pandemic, safety measures were necessary but they lead Miller to try out new materials and approaches that he hadn’t previously. 

Miller hopes that his installation will bring a sense of hope, strength, and optimism to viewers or at the very least offer a slight reprieve in their busy and often hectic lives.