PRSSA Virtual Event Focuses on Human-Centric Media Design

Jan Almasy from Apex Communication Network ready for virtual PRSSA meeting with camera.

(Image via Sam Almasy, Apex Digital Content Specialist.)

Jan Almasy from Apex Communication Network ready for virtual PRSSA meeting with camera.

By Alyssa Alexsonshk, News Contributor

The University of Akron PRSSA chapter hosted the first event of the year virtually on Sep. 28. where guest speaker, Jan Almasy, a local entrepreneur and co-founder of Apex Communications Network, spoke to students on his approach to Human-Centric Media Design.

Megan Parker, President of PRSSA and first year UA ;aw student said, “I could not have been happier with the way things went. I felt Jan talked about several engaging topics, such as the importance of a person’s personal brand and connecting with people in a meaningful way through multimedia content.”

Almsay first became involved in media advocacy when in high school after a series of tragedies related to suicide, which inspired him to start a blog in attempts to help others. Almsay also started his career as a nurse, graduating from Walsh University in 2018, and that experience helped him transition to work in media that he does today. 

One point to be emphasized is the meaning behind the name of his current entrepreneurial venture the Apex Communication Network. 

“The classic definition of an Apex is the highest given path of any path or object. So once you reach an Apex it’s impossible to continue going up,” Almasy said.

While flying on a C130 in Alaska his Colonel said “The Apex of my life, is my death.” Almasy took that message in and realized people hit peaks at different parts of their life. When people feel they have nowhere else to go, it creates hopelessness. 

Almasy’s message is understanding the concept of the apex will not only help people reach their next levels in life, but also ties into human centric thought. The evolution from the Apex Podcast that started out with only 3 listeners to now have over 40,000 listeners.

“There is no apex that’s stagnant. You can reach the apexes and then plateau, take a step back, you don’t need to go down, reevaluate what is the next goal, what is the next step, and push yourself to the next apex. You should only really reach your true apex at death,” Almasy said.

In today’s society according to Almasy you have access to unlimited amounts of information. From exploring different electronic sources and practical experiences with his business, he was able to build up his media network. 

De’Abion Strozier, a fourth year media studies major, was inspired by Almasy’s passion during the event.

“I love hearing about people starting their own businesses,” Strozier said. “Jan told us that we can start our own YouTube channel or podcast with our phone and build ourselves up from there. He told us that now is the time to start, despite COVID this is the best time to start a business.”

According to Zach Marzick, a public relations major, the Human-Centric Media model Almasy talked about is an important tactic to consider with the way society interacts today because building relationships and focusing on the human aspect is good.

The goal is to teach people how to use easy accessible technology like an Iphone, to become an independent marketing consultant. Using today technology allows businesses to become more creative with content marketing and telling stories.

Buyers today have learned the marketing tactics of the past and sometimes feel like a number other than a human or person.

“If you have a really engaging video that appeals to the human side of what your business is offering, it is a completely different ball game,” Almasy said.

The best way to share your business message is not what you are selling but forming a relationship with the buyer. Letting the consumer know how the business can help the person.

In relationship to personal branding, Almasy’s grandfather influenced him by saying, ”Your name can do two things, it can either bring light into the room you walk into or can suck all the light out of it depending on how you live your life.”

Basically the goal is to leave a positive imprint on people wherever you may go in life. Everyone will have times when you fail and struggle, but look at them as opportunities to learn. People need to keep moving toward their personal apex.

“I just joined PSSRA this semester,” Strozier said. “Jan Almasy’s presentation was my first meeting. I’m excited to learn more from our future presenters. I hope this program will help me get opportunities to network with potential employers.”