10X Growth Conference Helps Young People Build Dreams

Learn about the 10X Growth Conference and how it can give you the tool you need to 10X your life and accomplish goals.


(Image via Saad Qureshi)

10X Growth Conference

By Alyssa Alexsonshk, Managing Editor

As a young student, sometimes it can be challenging to be taken seriously if you have lofty life goals and ambitions. It can also be difficult to find the direction you need to accomplish your dreams.  

 An interesting discovery that may help set students up for success, is the 10X Growth Conference happening on March 1214, 2021. The conference is being held at JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, in Aventura, FL. 

The 10X Growth Conference is an annual conference that has been featured by Forbes as the #1 conference to attend for agency professionals. In person tickets cost $2,500 and up, but fear not if this seems too expensive for the average college student’s wallet.  

Grant Cardone, founder of the conference, stated in a video, “I realized how many people cannot take advantage of the 10X Growth Conference for whatever reason, and some of it’s money, some of it’s location. 

Therefore, 2021 is the first year you can buy a virtual ticket for only $97. Technically, you get $97 back in store credit, so it is like it is almost free. The only cost will be your time plus shipping and handling.  

The virtual option is great for students because if you have class or work you can step away and still have access later. During the time of COVID19 it is also important to offer a way to receive information in a socially distant platform. 

Cardone recently starred in season two of Undercover Billionaire, seen on Discovery, where he is challenged to make a milliondollar business in 90 days with only $100, phone and truck. 

 Brad DeMint, 21 year old account, executive at Greenleaf Title and podcast host of “How to Win with Brad DeMint” attended when he was 18 years old stated, “It was just a gamechanger for me because you are around people that think bigger.” 

The conference will have a variety of successful speakers who specialize in different areas. Some of the names include Grant Cardone a 10X Coach, Elena Cardone an Empire Builder, Kevin O’Leary a Venture Capitalist Glenn Stearns CEO of King Lending, to name a few, but there are many more. 

DeMint’s favorite moment of the conference he attended was when Grant Cardone drove his Rolls-Royce onto stage with Snoop Dog who performed a concert. 

What exactly is the concept behind 10X? According to 10Xfive, “10X, at its core, is a mindset. Being a ‘“10x type”’ means having a clear vision of the end goal, and using experience, intuition, and foresight to clear roadblocks and find ‘”bugs’” that, if gone undetected, would have set you back a year’s worth of work.” 

DeMint summarized his experience, “It is not about getting rich quick right, it’s about strategies to win in business and life.” He learned about building relationships, networking, community involvement, how money works and real estate when he attended. 

10X Growth Conference seems to be an amazing opportunity. Attendees will learn many useful skills that could lead them to personal growth and success. The presentation is not a traditional conference format but is designed to captivate audiences’ attention.  

For students in today’s digital learning environment, the 10X Growth Conference Virtual might just be a fun entertaining break from the norm. Students can learn important life skills from experts in an entertaining way.