Spring Into a New Wardrobe


(Image via Pixabay)

With vaccines becoming more widely available, the warm seasons are starting to look more hopeful and enjoyable.

By Mckenzie Uhrig, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Silk headscarves are surging in popularity for the spring and upcoming summer season. ((Image via Madi Britton) )

With warm weather approaching it’s time for some closet spring cleaning! Going through old clothes from the winter/fall seasons can be therapeutic for saying goodbye to what’s happened in the past and creating a less cluttered future. Giving away unwanted clothes to charities is one of the ways you can help lessen wasteful practices in the fashion industry.

Consignment also can be a verycost effective and environmentally friendly way to shop. In reputable establishments and online sites, the pre-owned clothes are screened and extensively cleaned, this ensures the pre-owned clothes are in the best shape for purchase. Every item in your closet requires copious amounts of water and energy, while releasing toxins into the environment during production. Repurchasing items already used by someone else can significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint while also helping create greener fashion industry practices.

Denim shorts are always a go-to wardrobe staple for the warmer seasons, fun prints and colors can make them seem more unique. (Image via Madi Britton)

Another benefit of spring cleaning is being able to donate your old clothes to charities and places like Goodwill. At Goodwill locations you can place items directly in bins or in-person at retail locations and in-person at West Akron Attended Donation Center.

For more information on donating at Goodwill click here. 

Here are some spring fashion trends I’ve based on what I’ve seen in-stores and online. I’ve noticed that not only are friends and I buying headscarves but so are a lot of other people for the upcoming sunnier weather. The stores have been keeping headscarves in stock with different designs and colors. Celebrities have been posting a lot of bikini pictures on social media and most have been tying their bikini top in a new way, upside down. This means those who follow them for fashion advice will tie theirs upside down also. Denim jean shorts have always been a staple in the spring/summer wardrobe, but this particular year there seems to be store shelves lined with them. I just bought a couple of new pairs as I plan to donate the ones that don’t fit anymore. And underbust corsets are going to be popular with young adults and teens who watch TikTok for fashion advice and are creating an aesthetic. 

Under bust corsets give the wearer a flattering silhouette that makes for a stylish and dynamic outfit. ((Image via Jasey Uhrig) )