Local Akron Grilled Cheese Restaurant Deals with COVID-19

Like many restaurants this year, The Lockview pushed through the pandemic.


Image via Danny Basone

Danny Basone’s favorite grilled cheese on the menu, the number three.

By Summer Torok, Correspondent

Everyone loves a good, comforting grilled cheese and a craft beer. The Lockview, a local Akron restaurant and craft beer bar kicks that up a notch with specialty gourmet grilled cheeses.  

The Lockview is located directly across from Lock 3, hence the name The Lockview. The view of Lock 3 is amazing, and it’s especially good from the rooftop patio. 

Owner Danny Basone originally opened The Lockview’s doors on June 15, 2006.

Basone previously owned a live music venue called the Lime Spider. The Black Keys played their first show there. 

“Music has declined over the years,” Basone said. “Because of that, I had to reinvent myself.”  

Currently the most popular menu item, the number six.
(Image via Danny Basone )

In 2001, he used to perform grilled cheese cooking shows on stage


“Cooking grilled cheese was my favorite thing to do,” Basone said.  

Like many other businesses this year, The Lockview faced some challenges due to COVID-19.  

The restaurant shut down in March 2020 and reopened in October 2020 with brand new systems.  

When they were shut down, Basone still made sure to post on their social media to keep in contact with his customers.  

Customers were very excited for The Lockview to reopen and the employees helped paint, clean and set up a new POS system.  

Due to COVID-19, the restaurant is only seating 50% capacity until their rooftop patio opens and all staff and customers are required to wear a mask.  

Currently due to financial struggles, The Lockview will not be holding any extra events. 

Even though COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on the restaurant industry, customers are still coming out to get their favorites.

“I have been going to The Lockview for over 10 years,” said a customer, Kylia Mosley. “The food is always amazing. It’s such a comfortable place to meet with friends downtown, and the craft beer selection is unmatched.” 

On weekdays the restaurant isn’t busy, but on the weekends the customers are always stopping in for a nice comforting grilled cheese sandwich.  

Currently, the most popular menu item is the number 6 which is cheddar cheese, grilled apples and applewood smoked bacon on country butter top bread. 

“Normally I get the goldfish with my sandwich,” said a customer, Madelynn Hill. “But when I switch it up and get the tots, they’re always cooked perfectly.”  

Along with each gourmet sandwich comes a staple to the Lockview, a small bag of classic cheddar Goldfish crackers. This side dish has become loved by so many that it had become a part of their brand, being sold on merchandise for the restaurant.

“Say Cheese” is the catch phrase used for the Goldfish tradition. (Image via Danny Basone )

Basone’s favorite menu item is the number three which is threecheese miche bread topped with pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeños and blue cheese dressing for dipping.  

The Lockview is very popular among UA students and faculty and in the summertime, they feature a few live bands on the rooftop patio.  

“I love that this restaurant is just steps off Akron’s campus,” said a UA student, Dorothy Fleming. “It makes for a nice and fun lunch with friends.” 

The Lockview’s current hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. until midnight.