Student Organization Women in Business Offers Space for Empowerment and Networking to Women Entering Workforce

The College of Business Administration offers 13 majors from accounting to human resource management.

(Image via The University of Akron)

The College of Business Administration offers 13 majors from accounting to human resource management.

By Abigail Geiser, Correspondent

The University of Akron’s College of Business (CB) website declares it one of the best undergraduate business schools in the United States. In addition to 14 different majors and a Professional Development Center, the CB offers multiple business-oriented student organizations. One such organization is Women in Business. 

Women in Business is open to all majors and seeks to empower and support women who are entering the workforce. Although majoring in business is not required, many members involved in the organization have found their passion in the field. 

Sophomore Jacquelynn Scheatzle is the president of Women in Business and is double majoring in Supply Chain Operations Management and Human Resources Management.  

Scheatzle’s interest in business began in high school when she sought guidance from a high school mentor and discovered an interest in operations.  

“From there, I was deciding between Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain. I landed on Supply Chain because I knew the curriculum I would be learning as a business major would be more up my alley. I added a second major in Human Resources because I think it’s important to specialize in the people and product side of organizations,” Scheatzle said. 

For Prachi Shah, a junior in Business Data Analytics, and Bridget Stroski, a sophomore in Accounting, the opportunity to take business classes in high school guided their passion. 

“Also, Business Data Analytics is a major which is comprised of theoretical as well as practical knowledge of working and interpreting data, and I always enjoyed working with numbers,” Shah said. 

“I chose my specific major because out of the classes I took in high school, the ones I enjoyed the most were my accounting ones,” Stroski said.  

At the organization’s bi-weekly meetings, female professionals come in and speak to the members about their experiences and entering their professions.  

Grace DeWitt, a sophomore Political Science major who is also minoring in Pre-Law and Philosophy, said that these speakers were a big reason she joined Women in Business. 

“In this student organization, I have heard some inspiring female leaders speak on the issues they faced in the workforce relating to their gender and how they resolved these problems. Having the privilege of hearing from these remarkable women has been a great experience,” DeWitt said. 

Aurelia Turner, a senior Accounting major in the Master of Accountancy Accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s Program, agreed with DeWitt’s admiration of the organization’s speakers.  

Turner explained that meeting with other female professionals – speakers and other members of the organization – is vital for networking and empowering women in the workforce. 

“As someone who is entering a field where it is male-dominated, it has been refreshing to hear the advice of others and understand the environment I will be in. It has been inspiring to know I am not alone and will be able to make a difference,” Turner said.  

All the women interviewed for this article were unanimous in their advice for other women considering a major in business: dive right in and go for it. 

“College is all about finding what best fits you, so try it out and see if it’s best for you. If you want to be successful it’s all about making connections and putting yourself out there,” Scheatzle said. 

Meetings for Women in Business are held bi-weekly on Mondays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in the College of Business room 125. The meetings are open to anyone, and all are welcome.