The University of Akron Names New Director of Global Studies Program


Photo via Alyssa Alexsonshk

University of Akron campus.

By Sarah Minear, Correspondent

Professor of Communication, Dr. Yang Lin, becomes new director for the Global Studies program at The University of Akron. (Image via via The University of Akron)

The University of Akron has named Dr. Yang Lin, a professor of Communication at UA, as the new director of the Global Studies program. Dr. Lin received his doctorate in Communication from the University of Oklahoma in 1997. He joined the School of Communication as a professor at UA later that same year. His research focuses on intercultural and political communication. Lin also engages in basic course teaching in classes such as Introduction to Communication and Communication Research. His passion for teaching is evident in his expertise and commitment to ensure his students are given the tools necessary to thrive in their careers.  

One of Lin’s favorite courses to teach is Intercultural Communication. The course is offered within the School of Communication and enables students to reflect on the behavior and emotional responses of themselves and others. Students will also learn about structural and functional differences among cultures and then apply that knowledge to create their own position concerning current social and intercultural issues within society.  

The Intercultural Communication course serves as an introduction to the abilities that can be taught needed to better understand and appreciate various cultures around the world.  

The Global Studies program in general allows students to take a deeper dive into understanding the global environment through a melting pot of the humanities, social sciences, languages, and the natural sciences. 

“These abilities are not only essential for understanding and appreciating the global environment but, also, are extremely pertinent to the broader goal of enhancing critical thinking skills,” Lin said. 

 A key aspect of the Global Studies program’s mission is to serve as a pathway to a career for global challenges. The Global Studies program not only provides students the necessary tools to be able to go out in the world in their chosen career and make an impact, but it also allows them to make meaningful connections along the way. 

“Global studies can be applied to any career or professional field that connects to the outside world in a meaningful way,” Lin said. “It is instrumental in allowing people to understand the various cultures, languages, values, practices, and social context of that world and enable them to interact with it successfully.” 

A Global Studies degree can be applied in various areas of the U.S. government, such as national intelligence and national diplomacy. It can also be applied in non-governmental work  such as human rights and immigration. For private business, individuals can use their Global Studies degree in education, manufacturing, and much more. 

“We are here to help our students develop those abilities, and to obtain the knowledge and skills for those challenges,” Lin said.  

For more information about the Global Studies program offered at UA, please visit, or email the program at [email protected]