Annual Day of Reading cones to UA campus

By: Alexandra Didato

The Student Union was bustling as usual on Wednesday.

Students were crowded around the Market, conversing with friends at Starbucks and swinging by Zee’s for a quick snack in between classes. Perhaps out of the ordinary was the Reading Flash Mob located near the Starbucks.

Students filled the rows of chairs and seats, completely engrossed in their books. As the day progressed, more students congregated around the Starbucks to sign up and participate in the Annual Day of Reading.

This year marks the ninth year Summit country has participated in the Day of Reading. The College of Education’s Center for Literacy hosted a booth at the Student Union in hopes of promoting the importance of literacy and encouraging students to sign up to participate in 30 minutes of reading. Students who signed up had their names added to the list of Summit county participants.

The Center for Literacy has teamed up with other organizations as part of a community alliance known as This City Reads! This City Reads! initiated a Day of Reading nine years ago in hopes of pushing schools throughout Summit county to become aware of the importance of literacy, as well as to engage in the educational act of reading.

Project Leader for the College of Education Center for Literacy Courtney Cable was enthusiastic to be a part of a community impacting event.

“This is the Center for Literacy’s second year now putting on the Day of Reading as one of our outreach initiatives,” Cable said. “Last year we had 317 people pledge in-person. It’s exciting to have so many students willing to read.”

This year, Summit county has a goal of reaching 100,000 readers. While 100,000 readers may seem like an intimidating number to obtain, Graduate Assistants Liza Incorvia and Megan Clark are willing to put forth as much effort as possible to make the number a reality.

“I was asked to make a design for the flyer for the Annual Day of Reading,” said Clark, a second-semester communication graduate assistant. “After agreeing to make the flyer, I really wanted to get involved in the event.”

Pledges for the Annual Day of Reading can still be made online at the This City Reads! website until Feb. 10. To register, put “UA” before your name to associate with the organization for which you’re representing.

Cable feels the Annual Day of Reading is an important and encouraging community event.

“People really do read 30 minutes a day, through social media, texting, reading signs while driving; literacy is a very important,” she said.