WJW now located in the university’s Kolbe Hall

Written by: Ranier Alexander

The University of Akron has a new partner in the areas of media, news coverage and communications. WJW, a Fox-affiliated television station headquartered in Cleveland, has recently relocated from their former Akron location in Summit Mall to Kolbe Hall on central campus.

The School of Communication, located inside Kolbe Hall, welcomes WJW into their with open arms and high hopes. The School of Communication is the stomping ground for more than 1,100 students majoring in media and communications, according to the university webpage.

Dr. Elizabeth Graham, director and professor in the School of Communication, said WJW is a welcome addition to Kolbe Hall, which is already heavy with media operations.

“Having Fox 8 in the School of Communication is a wonderful opportunity for UA students to observe firsthand a professional news operation,” Graham said. “The presence of a top-rated news bureau is a daily reminder to students of the possibilities that await them and the need to equip themselves with the necessary skills to succeed in the media-rich environment. What’s more, the mere presence of Fox 8 in Kolbe Hall is bound to engender a degree of curiosity for some students who perhaps never thought much about the possibility of a media-related major and career.”

Graham feels very positive about FOX 8 making UA their new home.

“Undoubtedly FOX 8 will continue to thrive in their new environment in concert with the student operated television station (Z-TV), radio station (WZIP-FM), and newspaper (The Buchtelite), which have each proven their worth and creativity on a professional level by receiving national recognition including stellar Arbitron ratings and Emmy Awards,” she said.

When asked if this partnership would stir up competition between WJW and UA, Graham said, “No. The students at UA are in training and Fox 8 has agreed to sponsor several internships for UA students.

They will not be working in competition, but rather in collaboration.”

Internship opportunities will be available at WJW to qualified students, granting them access to Fox 8 News reporters and editors and also hands-on experience preparing stories for FOX8.com.

Fox 8’s president and general manager, Greg Easterly, said in a previous University of Akron article that the University-based studio will provide WJW with a more central location, allowing for easier access to the latest breaking news in Akron and the surroundings areas.

UA’s campus also accommodates WJW with high quality facilities, university professors and professionals who can provide expertise and opinion to their reporters, and students who will be able to assist in the television news process.

Easterly also stated that the university was a logical location, a vibrant part of the community, and that it is good to be around students that are interested in the news business.

WJW has long had the slogan “Cleveland’s Own,” but now it’s safe to say that what was once “Cleveland’s Own” is also “The University of Akron’s Own:”WJW Fox 8 News.