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Game-Changer: Tyler Schwartz

By Samantha Hickey, Assistant Online Sports Editor

January 27, 2016

As students returned to classes last week, UA’s fifth “game-changer” was announced. Tyler Schwartz, the fifth of eight “game-changers” and a campus resident assistant (RA), is a junior pursuing a degree in electrical engineering technology Mathematics professor Irina Chernikova nominated...

First self-nominated Game-Changer: Callie Mack

First self-nominated Game-Changer: Callie Mack

By Samantha Hickey, News Editor

December 2, 2015

UA recently announced its fourth Game-Changer Award recipient. Junior Callie Mack is the first self-nominated student to win the "Game-Changer" award. Mack is pursuing a major in marketing management and a minor in public relations and digital imaging. College of Business Administration (CBA) sopho...

Nickolas Gantzler wins third Game-Changer award

Gantzler tutors fellow physics students in Ayer Hall.

By Samantha Hickey, News Editor

November 30, 2015

Members of the UA football team weren’t the only students congratulated on Nov. 21, as the third of eight “game-changer” awards was announced at the Zips vs. Buffalo game. Nickolas Gantzler, the third Game-Changer Award recipient, is a fourth-year student pursuing a double major in physics and applie...

DJ Mylor changes the game

Mylor Acquaah speaks live on air on WZIP in 2015. (Buchtelite file Photo)

By Samantha Hickey, News Editor

November 9, 2015

Another UA student who embodies the “I-won’t-take-no-for-an-answer, roll-up-my-sleeves-and-make-it-happen approach,” received the inaugural University of Akron Game-Changer award this past week. Mylor Acquaah, a junior studying communication focusing in TV and radio with a minor in political scien...