Goals for spring success

By: Starr Davis

Recovering from fall semester is a tough transition. I like to think it like going to war: Most made it, but we still lost a few in battle.

Now here we are, stronger and ready to face another semester of college. A new year means new goals and accomplishments. The best part about making academic goals for spring semester is having the time and the motivation to meet them.

Spring semester is very friendly to college students here at The University of Akron. It is our very own light at the end of the tunnel. In the spring, we have MLK Day, President’s Day, Spring Break and a chance for a possible snow day. We have more time to relax and get our assignments completed.

This is also a source of motivation for many students. Spring Break is a one-week recess here at the University. Most students travel around the country and to other countries. This type of excitement can be used as fuel to stay focused on schoolwork.

In my opinion, spring semester is Superman here to save those students who are held hostage on academic probation. This is the perfect time to get focused and motivated. There is no reason why students should not excel academically this semester.

With the weather not permitting much travel, there is nothing else to do but wrap up in a Snuggie and study for midterms! Goals should be stronger this semester because students are aware of what their strengths and weaknesses are. As students, we have the power to break bad study habits and to change our methods of operating in the classroom.

Some goals that students should keep in the mind for spring are to stay on top of their assignments and to get everything done ahead of time. Also, make a goal to put equal effort in each class and not to settle for just a “passing” grade. When you start wanting better for yourself and you put forth the effort to show your professors you want better, you will get better!

I encourage students to end the semester strong and set a new goal to study more effectively. College is not going to get any easier if you do not have the right methods and tools to make it through. Do not treat spring semester like you treated fall semester. They are two different seasons, and they require different transitions.