Living on UA's campus: To love or not to love, we should all ask

By: Starr Davis

Being a commuter, I have mixed feelings about living on campus.

I lived in Quaker Square Residence Hall my freshman year; at the time, staying on campus was a luxury, but after my first year, it became a burden.

I understand the importance of living on campus to gain a college experience. However, after that experience is had, I believe living off campus will solidify one’s independence and recognition as an overall student.

Living on campus, in some cases, can hinder one from actually growing. There are still rules, regulations and a process to go through during breaks that you must go adhere to.

That was one of my biggest problems about living on campus; I was still working, but I had to give up the hours because I did not have a place to stay during break. I found it difficult wondering why I was paying thousands of dollars to stay on campus, when I could not even stay all year.

My second year I became a resident assistant in Gallucci Residence Hall, and even though having my own room was a plus, the living environment was not something I could settle for. I found it hard to keep my grades up with all the people and commotion going on throughout the building. I was even put on academic probation from my GPA being so low. After this, I decided to move off campus into my own apartment.

I think living off campus is the best option here at The University of Akron. We are a large commuter school, and the resources around campus made the transition easy for me. My GPA increased and I made the Dean’s List my first semester living off campus.

I am able to work during school breaks and know I have an actual home to go to. My favorite part of living off campus is creating my own living environment and not having it created for me.

I respect what Residence Life and Housing does for on-campus students; it molded me into the independent person I am today. However, I could not afford or accept staying on campus for another semester.

My advice to students who are coming out of their freshman year is to make it a future option to move off campus if they plan on living here until they graduate. I think it is important to learn how to be independent now more than ever if you are planning on traveling and living on your own after college. It makes you a stronger student, keeps you self-motivated and stabilizes your location to be able to work.