Students stop crying

By: Jennifer Craig

Teachers are not as dumb as students think they are. They know the games, and crying does not get you out of trouble.

We are here to learn, life lessons included, and if you think you will be able to walk into your boss’s office in the future, shed some tears and not get fired, you are dead wrong, so please stop doing it to your teachers.

Why do people who lack in responsibilities seem to think that they are owed something?  Teachers owe you nothing. They are here to share their wisdom and knowledge, and most of them love to help a student whose intentions are true. 

Yet, I hear conversations about how “unfair” teachers are, how a student “showed up to every class and he/she still failed me.” Did you open a book? Did you ask for help? Did you think about putting away the computer and paying attention? If the text messages you are receiving are more important than listening to that day’s lecture, then don’t expect that the teacher will want to repeat everything because you chose not to listen.

Choosing to have responsibilities or not is your own choice. It is true, we are adults, and we get to make those decisions, but whatever you choose, you must accept the consequences. If you chose not to listen in a class, chose not to read your textbooks, chose not to do your homework and chose to text through a lecture, you chose your own grade.

If you choose to not go to work, not go to meetings, not pay attention to your boss’s requests, you choose to get fired. It is just that easy people. We call them life lessons.

In the view of a teacher, this is a job. They come to work, they extend their knowledge to you, many of them are more than happy to stay late and help a dedicated student grasp a concept that they are struggling with.

They are your boss. It is your job to listen to them, to learn from them and to turn to them for help, but if you are the office slacker, don’t expect the boss to recommend you for a promotion.  It is your choice to accept this as your life lesson of the day, it is your choice to ignore it, it is always your choice, and you already know the consequences.